This is a short clip of a breastfed baby’s tongue movement. This is what it looks like when your baby breastfeeds! Isn’t it fabulous? The tongue undulates from the front towards the back of the tongue, gently massaging the milk out of the milk ducts around the areola.


The reason why many mothers don’t feel this movement when breastfeeding is because the nipple and much of the breast is drawn into the mouth, towards the back of the baby’s throat, away from the hard palate. The end of the nipple itself (the most sensitive part) doesn’t touch the soft palate or the tongue as milk is drawn out.

If you’re getting any pain or discomfort when breastfeeding, please see some face to face support at a breastfeeding support group. They can help you with positioning and attachment to make breastfeeding as comfortable as possible.

Edited to add: The 14 month old baby in the video has a 75% anterior tongue tie but good tongue mobility.





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