Undercover In The Hood (2)

Undercover In The Hoody

This hoody is soft, warm and comfy – everything that a hoody should be. With the added bonus of being excellent for breastfeeding!  The Chico Jacks’ Hoody.

So first and most importantly, the breastfeeding access….  it is via a vertical zip on each side of the chest.  You don’t even notice the zips, they are so well concealed they just look like seams, my husband didn’t even notice and he has a sharp (some may say critical!) eye.  The beauty of the zips is that once closed the hoody has such an excellent shape, the hoody has no gaping or open holes that you may get from tops with slot type access openings that don’t fasten closed.


The zips are easy to use, nice and long and are double ended for whichever way you prefer to unzip.  This is perfect for baby wearing in cold weather,  I love baby carrying and this is perfect and is actually enjoyable to wear for those cool but beautiful Autumn and Winter walks.


This hoody has the softest fleecy lining-just as a hoody should.  It is sooo snuggly and toastie warm, I genuinely struggle to prise it off, looks great with pjs too!

The hoody is a really nice shape, not just a shapeless baggy jumper.  It has a great extra long length which is flattering and covers both tummys and bottoms. It also absolutely won’t ride up, particularly important when chasing children around and bending over!   Jumpers riding up can be a problem with not so well shaped hoodys and I know I have found it a problem when baby wearing so this longer length is spot on.


The hoody design also has two little side zips on the hip which is a clever little detail so that you adjust the fit to allow for different body shapes and fit preferences.  The sleeves and hem are neat and stitched rather than elasticated which is great as often elasticated trims can loose their shape over time and lots of wear!  The hoody has a front pocket also fleecy lined, great for keeping mummy’s hands warm.  And the hood of course, you need it to be big enough to keep your hair dry when running from house to car to nursery to soft play and this is just right.


This colour option is the burgundy which I really like as it is a wonderful rich colour, I wouldn’t normally go for burgundy but I am so glad I did, looks great too with the contrasting cream ties.

The hoody is exactly true to size and I can’t say enough what a nice fit and shape it is, I can see me living in this!  If you prefer your hoody a bit baggier you may want to size up, but I am definitely happy with my correct size.  The hoody is available in sizes 8-20.


I have always been a hoody girl, love a bit of surfer chic, and now because I am breastfeeding it doesn’t mean that I can’t wear a super soft, comfortable and specifically well-designed hoody for nursing.  This is definitely a big thumbs up from me.

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*This is my own unsponsored post and review of the product

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