Thea & Me Introduction

Thea & Me was set up by Rebecca, a jewellery loving mummy with a baby with a penchant for biting it-who doesn’t have one of those?!

Rebecca is 31 and a breastfeeding Mum to Thea who will be three in November and she has a little boy due in Jan!  Rebecca is keen to normalise breastfeeding, especially for those breastfeeding to natural term, sharing her beautiful breastfeeding stories and pictures.


Like many Mums, Rebecca’s breastfeeding journey has not always been easy.  She struggled massively with breastfeeding for the first three months, Thea had an diagnosed lip tie so suffered awfully with nipple trauma and getting her latched.  Due to this she felt isolated, anxious and extremely self conscious about nursing in public.  She only wishes she had found these necklaces earlier to help Thea focus and for herself to feel a little more confident nursing in public.

As we all know babies love biting anything and everything, and Rebecca being a jewellery lover, was understandably worried as to whether the jewellery she was wearing was actually safe to chew.  Rather than have to go jewellery free, Rebecca thought why not a necklace that kept both herself and Thea happy.

She started experimenting making her own necklaces and the feedback was excellent, including from her own little one! She then decided to set up her business using premium products and with safety being key- from the tissue used to wrap the necklaces to the treatment of the wooden beads.

The necklaces not only have to be safe and functional but also allow mums to wear some great looking statement jewellery!  She designs necklaces that she herself genuinely loves to wear, they are fashion items and not just a necklace for little ones, one of her favourites being the Statement necklace, listed below.  Rebecca’s dream was to have something that would actually go with any outfit! “We mums deserve a treat too! ”


Rebecca’s top priority is safety with her necklaces passing General Product Safety and the relevant EN-71 safety features.  The regulations are EN-71 parts 1,2 & 3 (the safety of toys)  They are tested against as many of the applicable CE tests as possible, no CE marking purely as they are not toys.  She also had them tested against the UK general product safety regs to show further due diligence.

The silicone products are made with 100% food grade silicone. 100% Non-toxic, BPA free, Lead free, PVC free, Mercury free, Phthalates free, FDA approved, LFGB approved, SGS approved, Eco-friendly, Non stick and Odourless. Phew!!

The wooden rings and wooden beads are made from a gorgeous, high quality North American maple.  They come treated and untreated.  Any treated wood has been lovingly hand cared for with certified organic beeswax and olive oil which is all derived from fair-trade organisations.


Rebecca’s gorgeous crochet bead necklaces which use the same beautiful wood encased in 100% cotton.  The crochet beads are BPA free, FDA approved, CPSIA & CPSC compliant, Free from Lead, Cadmium, Phthalates and PVC fress.

Rebecca spent a lot of time sourcing premium products for her jewellery, to ensure they look and feel luxurious whilst also being safe for your little ones.


You may be new to the idea of teething or fiddle necklaces but they are great for babies with sore teeth and gums to bite on.  They also are good for helping stop you getting pinched and scratched when nursing, or as my little one likes to do- fiddle with my armpit- aaah!  The shapes and colours are also a great way to aid cognitive and sensory development.  There are endless colour combinations and designs too-get in touch with Thea & Me for your specific requirements!

Thea & Me want every mama to feel special, knowing that her jewellery has been designed, hand crafted and packaged with the utmost care, consideration and love.

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Faceted Statement Necklace -Ebony

This is a great bold statement piece that also happens to be be suitable for your little ones to chew on.  This necklace would look great with occasion dresses to jazzing up jeans and a tee.

The necklace features three large faceted silicone beads in ebony black, framed with the untreated organic maple wood beads.  The necklace is at the maximum drop length of approximately 30 inches so that you can easily change it to the length you would prefer.

Price : £20 (currently £15 in SALE)


Double Drop Hexagon – Turquoise Collection

This necklace is the first ever design Rebecca created and is unique with the double drop design.  It features two rows of silicone beads with the turquoise hexagons framed with slate grey and accented with a row of glacier grey round beads.  This comes at the drop length of 31 inches, and can be easily adjusted to your preferred length.  The necklace can also be customised as you can choose either Marble, Glacier Grey or Slate Grey beads.

This necklace not only looks great but is also perfect for your nursing little ones to chew or fiddle with!

Price : £16.95 (currently £14.40 in SALE)


Hexa – Peach Necklace

Hexa is part of the Thea & Me Dainty and Trio Collection, this necklace is available in a great choice of different shades from pink to coral, neon pink to lilac.  The necklace features three different shapes of bead- hexagonal, Icosahedron and round silicone beads, and in three different colours to create a stylish piece. The hexagonal beads can also be customised by contacting Thea & Me.

The necklace comes in a drop length of 31 inches which you can easily personalise to the perfect length for you.

Price : £15 (currently £13 in SALE)


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Outfit of the Week

Discreet Bowtique
Sally Dress
From £36.00

This perfect fitting dress is made of a lovely jersey fabric with a double layer and hidden slits for feeding. In turquoise, purple, grey, black, navy blue.

Size range: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18