First of all we had………

Correction- are still having, The Ebay dress phenomena.  Almost unbelievably, some folks are still only just discovering this massive hit whereas others have been filling their wardrobes with all the different designs ready for every occasion.  Whether dressed up for a wedding or taking your new baby for a walk, The Ebay dress is most definitely very versatile!

In case you still haven’t got yours……

Click here to go to The Ebay dress – seller 1

Click here to to go The Ebay Dress – seller 2

Check out our original blog for all you need to know on the dress, including the fact the buttons don’t unfasten and everyone’s favourite-the pockets for filling with stones, leaves and other wonderful things you are gifted!

Click here to check out Ebay Dress blog!

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Next came……

The dress that actually has functioning buttons-great stuff!  For all those disappointed to find the buttons don’t unfasten this is the dress for you.

Click here to go to dress with “working” buttons


And now the newest generation………….

The Mini Mebay dress!  We all love a bit of twinning and this week in particular there have been lots of cute and cool twinning photos being shared!

However thanks to Danielle and her 3 beautiful girls, we couldn’t not share this with you!

Click here to go to children’s ebay dress – seller 1

Click here to go to children’s ebay dress – seller 2


I wonder what is going to be next…………?!

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