BShirt Need to Know

The BShirt Need to Know

You have no doubt heard of them but maybe not tried one yet, so here is our top ten need to know facts about the BShirt!

Check out the three new shades now available on the website-navy, storm grey and burnished berry!

1.Made from certified organic cotton, BShirt only use GOTS Certified Organic and responsibly sourced cotton in the manufacture of Bshirt products.  Buying Organic means that harmful chemicals, pesticides and dyes aren’t pumped into the environment and water supplies while making the fabric.

2. The BShirt factories are registered with Fair Trade India and have passed rigorous inspections to ensure the welfare of their workers.  BShirt are committed to ensuring that their garments adhere to the strictest standards for human welfare.

Our office hours are primarily 9-3 however our office facilities are available 24/7 so employees can choose when to work. And working from home is encouraged, not begrudged. No one is in the office for more than 4 days a week; this is really important, because working more hours doesn’t mean getting more done. We all need time out of the office so that our time in the office is viewed as precious.
3. The Bshirt is a social business founded by two Mums with many years of breastfeeding experience.

-Socially responsible -they have set up a breastfeeding peer support group call the Btribe.

-BShirt have also set up a Breastfeed Here With Confidence scheme to help inform new mums about breastfeeding friendly venues.

-They have donated Bshirts to mothers who need them both here in the UK & abroad.

4. BShirt are passionate about normalising breastfeeding and improving breastfeeding rates.

5. The organic cotton feels incredibly soft and lovely to wear.

6. The BShirt clothing washes (again and again and again and then some more), they wear and last extremely well, even with lots of use!

7. There is a rainbow of colours available!

8. Wear a BShirt on their own or under other clothes.

9. The vests are not only great for Summer but keeping warm in Winter.

10. The fit- the lift the flap is nice and snug against the body so it is not obvious.  Underneath are two holes for easy-as-pie boob access. 

-The longer length is flattering so sits over the tops of jeans and doesn’t flash your back when bending over!

-The fit is definitely true to size

Just a couple of other things (and to make it look like I stuck to ten points!)….. they are definitely one of those items that once you get you really wish you had tried them sooner!  They are just useful for helping make your wardrobe that bit more breastfeeding friendly, especially if you are not maybe as confident to go straight for the FOO (flop one out!).

Click here to go to the The BShirt Website


*This is my own opinion

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