Why Seeing Babies On Boobies Matters

Why is breastfeeding ‘hidden’ from the public eye? And should it be?

VIDEO: Watch The Mesmerising Tongue of a Breastfed Baby

This is a short clip of a breastfed baby’s tongue movement. This is what it looks like when your baby breastfeeds! Isn’t it fabulous? The tongue undulates from the front towards the back of the tongue, gently massaging the milk out of the milk ducts around the areola. The reason why many mothers don’t feel […]

Blame it on the Breastfeeding

Gwen does some breastfeeding mythbusting

Breastfeeding in Public is more than a Radio Rant

In light of the recent controversy sparked by Alex Dyke on BBC Radio Solent, Gwen shares her interpretation of Alex’s comments on nursing in public…

How Do You Breastfeed In It?

Are you ‘over the top’, ‘pulled up’, one up, one down’ or ‘peekaboo’? There are many different ways outfits allow us to feed our babies. Gwen discusses this in more detail.

What do breastfeeding women want from fashion?

I conducted a survey of 1000 breastfeeding women to find out their opinions about the clothing available to them both online and on the high street. This survey pointed out the following: That 95.54% of breastfeeding women feel that nursing clothing (excluding maternity wear) available on the high street is inadequate. That 76.76% of breastfeeding women […]

The advice about nursing bras I wish I had whilst I was still pregnant…

So, you’re pregnant! Congratulations! Or maybe you’ve just had a baby! Either way, you are most probably hoping to feed your baby in the most natural way possible – with your breasts. You may have heard that taking formula into hospital is potentially setting yourself up to fail at breastfeeding (which it pretty much is […]

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