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Ruma Review

Ruma Review – Flora Dress

I am a fan of high street fashion but I also really love clothing that is that bit special, that bit unqiue and makes you feel happy from the inside.  I love to buy something that makes me smile and I think that definitely makes you feel and act more confident – why can’t we feel confident and amazing whilst breastfeeding?!

I have said before, but I can prefer to buy one quality well made piece over several cheaper items.  You most likely get what you pay for, quality lasts and can be timeless, buy wisely.  And there are clothes that I see and instantly love and think I need it in my life!  Ruma’s Flora dress is one of those items, I love the distinct style and was hoping it would give me that extra special breastfeeding spring in my step!


“Ruma was created out of a love for fashion, creativity and a desire to be able to wear clothes that make you feel individual whilst being able to breastfeed with comfort and ease.  Clothes that reflect who you are and just because you are breastfeeding does not mean you need to lose that individuality! “

Founder Ellen used her professional skills in the fashion industry to establish a manufacturing route in China, however with a desire to be more ethically made, environmentally conscious and sympathetic to UK Mums they have just moved their manufacture back to the uk.  With help from a designer friend Ruma have created their first new UK made collection.

And onto the dress, first things first, the Ruma website is easy to use and simply styled, but everything is just so, giving a taster of the ethos behind the brand.  Delivery was nice and quick too which is perfect when you have your heart set on a new outfit.

I have to admit when I opened my parcel and laid the dress out it I was a bit hesitant, the dress  appeared to be a fairly simple design…. but when you put it on it feels anything but!

2018-07-27 22.45.44

I ordered a size 10, I am a size 8-10 and one of the questions that is most asked on the group is “is it true to size”.  I think it is true to size, but the beauty of the design is the tie belt at the back of the dress that allows you to draw the dress in to the right size, and it actually tightens without losing the lovely shape of the dress!  On the website it suggests the dress is suitable for post pregnancy and beyond due to its adjustable tie nature and I would agree, the style and cut of the dress with the tie waist definitely gives great flexibility.

The length of the dress sits nicely between thigh and knee, just closer to knee for me at 5’4 1/2 and the length is very flattering.  Just short enough to look cute but long enough that if bending down to pick little ones up there is no risk of showing your underwear!

2018-07-27 22.42.07

I normally like something with a neckline collar as I think it suits me more but I was pleasantly surprised how nice the cut of the neckline on this dress,  it just sits at the right position and I really don’t need a collar!

2018-07-27 18.23.26

The dress is well made and detailed, all finished precisely-“lovingly handmade”.  It is made from 100% cotton- a lovely thick quality cotton.  The quality makes the dress feel so much more and so pleasant and comfortable to wear.  The quality of the fabric helps keep the shape of the dress and makes the most of the flare skirt style.  The flare skirt is very well made, it hangs so well and is an adorable shape, I love it.

2018-07-27 18.32.33


I like a pale blue print (something to do with having blue eyes) but I was bit hesitant about the print when I opened the dress but it is totally perfect for the style of dress.  The dress is effortlessly cool, with almost a scandinavian-cool type feel to it.


And the added bonus to such a stylish dress is the discreet breastfeeding zip access.  The “invisible” zip is actually invisible, you would never know it is there!  It opens from either side across the chest, just under the boobs.  The zip line is well concealed, subtle and well made at the junction with the skirt. The zip opens very easily for quick nursing and popping a boob out, the dress is a delight to wear for breastfeeding.  The style would seem to allow for different boob sizes too.


The dress looks great with flat strappy sandals and chunky necklace for sunny summer days and dressed up some shoes with extra sparkle!  And when Autumn approaches the dress also looks lush with tights,  boots and a bit of mustard, love mixing it up when the weather is cooler!

2018-07-27 18.33.57

It is not easy to show in photos how well made and styled the dress actually is, but I hope you get the picture!

This dress may be more of an investment, the price reflecting the quality of the dress.  It is a simple but obviously very carefully designed and crafted dress, a beautiful dress that is made more exceptional by the fact it happens to be made specifically for breastfeeding.  You can tell Ruma have focused on quality, and attention to detail as well as perfecting their design, indeed “handmade with love”.  The fact that the dress has been made ethically in the UK just adds to its story.

Sometimes you don’t realise how great clothes are until you try them on and this is one of them, love it.


I can confirm that breastfeeding has never looked so good.  See it can be done, notable clothes that breastfeeding mums deserve to be able to wear.  There is no reason why a breastfeeding mum can’t look and feel beautiful whilst doing something amazing.

Click here to go to Ruma Flora Smock Dress

*this review is my own unsponsored opinion


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