REVIEW: Tiny Vikings Breastfeeding Skater Dress

As with every review, I have not been paid money to write this and it’s completely honest.

I first came to hear of Tiny Vikings when I saw gorgeous, unique looking skater nursing dresses pop up in the CIBII Facebook group. There was no way I was going to deprive my wardrobe of one of these beauties!

As a bit of background, Tiny Vikings is primarily a place to buy baby/children’s clothing. Some items are ready-made, some items are custom. The lady who runs it (and makes the clothes) is Swedish but based in the UK. She gets most of her massive range of fabrics from Sweden and some from the Far East.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve struggled to find a ‘normal’ skater dress that I can breastfeed in. Yes we have the maternity skater dress but the v-neck style isn’t for everyone. The necklines on proper skater dresses tend to be too high for the OTT (over the top) technique so to find a skater dress that you CAN breastfeed in is a rare feat!

So this leads me nicely to… the Lindsay breastfeeding dress!

When you find an item of clothing you like online, you get the option of what size you want and sometimes a choice of a few colours/patterns, right? Well, this is a whole other realm of choice! Picking a fabric for my dress from a choice of 212 (no, that isn’t a typo!) made this decision nearly as hard as picking a name for my first born. There were so many to die for fabrics available.

That isn’t even where the customisation ends… you also get to pick the length of the sleeves (choice of sleeveless, short, three quarter length and long), the colour of the edging material AND whether you want a high or low neckline. Not only that but you can pick the LENGTH of the dress too (above/below/on the knee) so great for tall and short ladies alike! If you find yourself between sizes because of your bust size, no worries! Just send Tiny Vikings an email and they’ll try and accommodate you as best they can!

So as you can probably imagine, saying I was excited for this to arrive was an understatement! The day finally came. The package was torn open in a manner one can only describe as animalistic.

There she blows!
There it was. The fabric felt lovely – a much higher quality to what
I’m used to (which is basically cheap jersey from the likes of Happy Mama/Purpless/Zetaville etc). Unfortunately I was at work when I got it so had to wait until I got home to try it on. That was a LONG afternoon. It’s clear to see the care that has gone into this with how the butterfly pattern is central on the bust.

When I got home, I rushed upstairs to try it on. To my relief, it was a perfect fit! It was nice to not be forced into a low v-necked skater dress, just so I could get a boob out over the top! The neckline was higher to what I’ve become used to, but definitely not too high! In fact, the neckline actually prevents my little toddler from dragging out my nipple at every opportunity imaginable (most of the time, he doesn’t even want feeding, he just wants to play with it!). I digress…

The dress comes in nicely at the smallest part of my waist and skims the bum/tum nicely – as you’d expect with a skater style dress! The fact it’s of a slightly longer length is quite beneficial as I don’t like to risk ‘presenting’ my behind every time I bend down to pick up my son or his toys! The fabric has a nice amount of stretch to it and is quite thick for a jersey-type material (but not too thick for the English summer climate).

My attempt to demonstrate what feeding a toddler would look like – made awkward by wiggling toddler. Toddler is sporting a rather lovely pair of Tiny Vikings trousers in PURPLE (and we know how hard it is to find non-gender specific purple stuff!).

The nursing panel:

The all important bit! The nursing panel is the same style as many ‘typical’ nursing wear panels you see from the likes of retailers such as Jojo Maman Bebe. It’s like a built in ‘one up one down‘ system! I’m quite large busted (32J/K) so getting two boobs out is a bit of a stretch (although you smaller breasted tandem’ers will be fine) but still do-able due to the stretch of the fabric. Getting one boob out at a time is a breeze. The dress provides as much boob coverage is you require, therefore offering the option of discretion where desired.

So… Do I think all of the aforementioned is worth the £48 price tag for all us mums who aren’t exactly flush with cash during maternity leave? For the level of customisation and quality you receive, it’s a resounding yes from me. You just can’t buy this sort of thing on the high street. The dress you choose will likely be a one-of-a-kind in that fabric. Just be prepared to answer “where did you get that?!” a gazillion times. You could get away with purchasing one for a special occasion but still wear it casually day to day – so there’s your justification for money spent, you’re welcome!

Boobing score:

Nursing Access: 9.5/10 (only for the slight limitation on big busts when tandeming!)

Flattering Fit: 10/10

Value for money: 9/10

Total score: 9.5/10

TIP: Check out both the website AND Facebook page to see all fabrics and examples!

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