I’ve been fortunate enough to have the pleasure to review an up and coming jewellery maker who also features on the CIBII Marketplace (currently being re-developed, keep your eyes peeled for news on this later on in the month)! I have been sent these items for the purpose of giving an honest review. I have not been paid to write this.

I have to say, the feature that immediately drew me to these necklaces is the bright colours. As you might have noticed, I’m a bit of a rainbow addict! I’m going to give a review on two necklaces and an accompanying bracelet.

I will start by saying that ‘baby-proof’ jewellery has become a godsend. Now when I say baby-proof, I don’t mean a necklace you can leave in the hands of your young child. I mean a necklace that mummy can wear, knowing it’s not going to get pulled and break into a million pieces. Leaving any neckwear with an infant or toddler could end very very badly.

Now I’ve returned to work, I still find myself wearing my baby proof jewellery day to day as it’s just that damn cool. Oh and I also like to chew on it (no doubt saves me from snacking a bit!).

One thing I will say about silicone jewellery – totally the closest material to resembling a nipple you can easily attain and wear. So mama’s with twiddlers, this might be a godsend!

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Quick bit of background on Num Num from their website:

Num Num Necklaces was started in 2015 by Jen Downie.
Jen loves jewellery and was sad to pack away some of her favourite necklaces when her little munchkin Hannah came along in 2014. Hannah and Jen have been taking on breastfeeding, baby wearing and teething together. After many t-shirt necklines pulled out of shape by bored hands, bruises on arms from tiny, pinching fingers during breastfeeding and a broken necklace, Jen decided to start making baby-safe necklaces for Hannah to play with, yank and chomp. Hannah loves them!
Now bruise free, Jen has been selling stylish, chewable necklaces to other mums and is getting to grips with the digital marketplace!

Rainbow on a cream cord – £11.99


Now Jen knows I’m a bit of a rainbow fiend, so she sent me one of her classic rainbow necklaces. If I had picked out myself, I probably wouldn’t have picked a cream cord (I usually love the black ones) but I actually found it looked much better when teamed with darker outfits. Brandon loves chewing them (see below) and they really are easy to team up with most outfits (especially when you like to wear rainbows). The only downside I found with this necklace was the fact the cream cord picks up dirt easily, which isn’t good if you have a toddler with a penchant for mud. However, it hasn’t stopped me wearing it. I’d give it a little rinse if I needed to.


Num Num Teething Bracelet – £7.99


Why buy a silicone bracelet? Let me tell you. It’s waterproof. It can be gnawed on. It’s not easily broken. It wipes clean and doesn’t break into a million pieces when tugged at. You could hand it over as a teether/toy when doing the nappy change. And it looks pretty good and comes in loads of colours. It’s definitely an accessory worth considering if you are thinking of investing in teething jewellery!


Wearing the bracelet alongside the Hannah necklace.

Hannah in Rainbow (black) – £15.99


Ok so I saved the best until last. This is the necklace I wear most days at the moment. It’s also my son’s favourite. It is in his mouth for most of the time I spend carrying him. I also spend a lot of time chewing on it (usually without realising!). It serves as a great distraction for the toddler away from nipple twiddling (PRICELESS). As with the first necklace, it has a safety clasp which will undo if the necklace is pulled on. THAT has been a pretty handy feature with a ‘grabby’ toddler who likes yanking my neckwear. I don’t know what else to say about it really other than I love it. Comes in lots of different designs/colours too so go look!



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They have a Facebook page too where they run 24 promos! Go give it a ‘like’ ?


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