This week, I’ve been lucky enough to review a dress from Milk & Mummy. As always, this is an honest review, I’ve not been paid to write it.

Milk & Mummy describe their items as “Beautiful, high quality maternity & breastfeeding dresses and tops for the stylish modern mummy”. Now, if you are looking for cheap and cheerful, this shop isn’t for you. This is a shop of high quality items designed with breastfeeding (and maternity) in mind. One thing that strikes me about their website is the lack of pregnant bumps in the model shots (hallelujah!). Their items don’t come cheap, but the quality of their items are clear from the photos alone.

One thing about Milk & Mummy which really stands out to me (aside from other nursing-wear retailers) is the ‘nursing access’ information box on each item’s page. Complete with a little diagram, it’s made clear just how you can breastfeed in it. Which is a godsend for those mummies who like a bit more boob cover when feeding. There is even an option on the website to ‘shop by access’.

Example of a few of the ‘nursing access’ options from the website



Now you all know of my ‘penchant’ for nursing skater dresses (I promise I will review something different soon!), so as you can imagine, I was lured to the dresses which would fit me in the most flattering way. After all, that’s what I seem to base most of my purchases on these days! These two questions: Can I BF in it and does it make me look slimmer than I am? Yes to both? SOLD
So here I am reviewing the ‘Kate’ dress. I was given two colours to try out, juniper green and pistachio. Both colours are not what I’d usually pick out of the rainbow for myself but hey, life’s for living right? I tried both the size 14 and 16 (as a safe size 16) and ended up going with the 14 as the fabric has enough stretch.

First thing I should note is delivery from Milk & Mummy is super quick. Each dress is wrapped nicely in tissue (just like what you would get from a higher end shop). First thing I notice upon getting my hands on the dresses is the difference in quality. Naturally I’m going to compare to the fabric from the cheap skater dresses (Purpless/Zeteville/Happy Mama etc). I would describe the ‘Kate’ fabric as being slightly thicker, softer and definitely a better quality version of what I’m used to.

Slight creasing due to trying it on straight out of the parcel!

First I tried on the ‘Kate’ pistachio dress. I must admit, the fabric felt lovely against my skin, a luxury I can’t say I’m used to. The dress came in at all the right places (as I expected it to!) and provided the right amount of stretch (not overstretch) for my boobs. The modesty panel comes in at a nice height, not too high, not too low and scoops down nicely. One thing I noticed as a feature which wasn’t apparent on other dresses in this style was the ruching at the back, meaning the dress wasn’t revealing as many of my backside bumps and draping a lot better!

After a wash and a journey in a suitcase (the dress, not me), I was pleasantly surprised to find NO creases in the dress. How you see it in the above picture is completely iron-free! It passed the ‘large boobs’ test with flying colours and didn’t feel stretched at all. As I expected it was so easy to breastfeed in and tandem feeders (even those with big boobs) would have no problem feeding two at a time!


Nice and discreet – didn’t stop his hand wondering though!

To conclude, I love Milk & Mummy’s selection of clothing. The clothes have been very well thought out as well as the website so the shopping experience is one that stands out as being a bit more luxurious than the rest.

The clothes are well styled out for mums wanting to make the most of their good bits whilst hiding their wobbly bits.

As far as these dresses are concerned, if you have the money to spend, it’s worth it. It’s a dress style which flatters most and is versatile for many different occasions!

Boobing score:

Nursing Access: 10/10

Flattering Fit: 10/10

Value for money: 6/10 (only because it’s somewhat outside of the budget for many mums on maternity pay)

Total score: 8.5/10

If you’re after a treat (lets not forget how much money you’ve saved by breastfeeding!), do check out Milk & Mummy’s website. They have a sale on at the moment too!

Necklace in photos is by Coastal Path Creations. 

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