I’ve been sent a bra from Lucky Sew & Sew to do an honest review. I have not been paid to write this.

As I’ve basically had to get rid of all my nursing bras after being ‘Boob or Busted‘, this is a welcome addition to my collection!

On their Facebook page, Lucky Sew & Sew describe themselves as…

“… the brain child of a Mother and Daughter team who both love vintage style lingerie and clothing and love to create pieces that they day dream about wistfully in a little town in Essex, UK.”

I’ve been measured as a 32HH/J (bra dependant) so finding a bra that fits is no easy feat!

I gave them my measurements instead of ordering a size. I measure 34 underbust and 44 overbust. My measurements seem to defy logic as I fit most comfortably in 32 band bras!

When the bra arrived, I was quite impressed with the box it came in, as well as the awesome accompanying badges which I will wear with pride!



When I tried the bra on, I was pleased it managed to fit my boobs! The first thing that came to mind was: this is much less tight on the band then a ‘normal bra’. It’s like it’s made of a slightly looser elastic. This meant the band was much looser and therefore a bit less supportive than I am now accustomed to! But that was ok because one of the perks of ordering from Lucky Sew & Sew is the free alterations! I sent it back and asked her to whip off a few inches. It came back feeling MUCH better and more supportive.

img_1910 img_1905

Aesthetically, these bras are definitely not for everyone. The style is quite alternative and vintage looking. I personally love this style and have no fear of it being seen alongside my clothes. It’s a long time coming that a nursing bra deviated from the ‘norm’!

The extra stretch in the bust means it makes a fantastic maternity bra and the non restrictive cups also means it is great in the early days when your boobs are doing good Dolly Parton impressions several times a day, if not all day!

To conclude, if super supportive bands are your thing, this probably isn’t the bra for you. However, if you want a lightly supportive comfy and alternative then this is right up your street! I would pick one of these over HotMilk soft bras any day!

These bras are currently reduced to £30 from £40 for the month of October!

These bras are available in 3 patterns!

Leopard Print


Tropical Fall

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