It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally had an opportunity to review something to accommodate the ladies in the group who are wearing size 18+. Although I sit between sizing worlds at size 16, I often feel like I don’t have a chance to fairly represent clothes which go beyond size 18. This is largely down to the fact that a lot of 18+ tops (like what we see in Evans, for example) tend to consist of high necklines and clothes that hide the figure, which can work for some but will never work for me.

I was lucky enough to spot a blogging opportunity that Lady-VĀ were offering and jumped at the chance! I’ve often seen their dresses pop up on my timeline, modeled by the gorgeous Georgina Horne of Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust. I will state that Lady-V sent me the dress for free and haven’t paid me for this review. This is 100% my true, honest opinion of this dress.

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(Georgina Horne looking AMAZING modelling the Lyra)

When I first picked up the dress, I noticed the material is quite different to what I’m used to with this style of dresses (I’m used to Jersey, which ends up bobbling!). This fabric was stretchy and less cotton-like – nothing like the shiny Krisp Knot dresses but perhaps a halfway point between those and the Happy Mama cotton/jersey dresses. It felt reasonably heavier than I am used to as well, which is not surprising as there is a lot more fabric than there is on the cheap dresses I’m used to!img_4646

When I first put it on, I loved it, although found the sleeves to be of an odd length and quite wide towards the sleeve opening. I’m used to the sleeves being quite fitted. This wasn’t an issue though as I just pulled the sleeves up higher so the opening sat closer to my elbows. I was very impressed with the boob space available. I have a reasonably full 32HH and this was one of the first times I felt a dress could easily still accommodate me if I went up a fair few cup sizes. And from seeing Georgina’s model shots, I reckon even you K-cups would fit just fine, perhaps even bigger!


The waistline on this dress is perfectly positioned so it create a lovely silhouette and skims the tummy. The gracious amount of fabric means it falls without clinging too much. It has a tie at the back so can be pulled as tight as feels comfortable.

img_4595 img_4597 Ā img_4605

To summarise, I bloody love this dress. It makes me confident in my curves, suits any occasion (even work!) AND is the type of material that doesn’t stain easily! The only thing missing that would make it near perfect is pockets. But hey, we can’t have it all šŸ˜‰ This will definitely be a staple item for my winter wardrobe! Oh and this is DEFINITELY tandem feeding friendly! Plenty of room to get those boobies out!




I’m wearing a size 16.

Sizes available: 16-32

Lyra – Winter Bloom – Available from here for Ā£45 (+Ā£3.95 p&p):Ā


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