I’ve been lucky enough to review THREE necklaces from Coastal Path Creations. They are based in Poole (not too far from me!) and are a WAHM business.

I think the best description of what they sell is from their own website:

Coastal Path Creations’ handmade nursing necklaces are designed for Mums, Dads (yes – there are some Daddy-friendly designs!) and Caregivers. They make fantastic fashion accessories and are great for when babies reach the ‘grabby, pinching, fiddling’ stage. They provide function, style and are very practical. The components used to make our jewellery are tested by an independent UKAS test house for compliance to EN71-3. Strength testing is carried out in house.

Each necklace is designed to:

  • Distract babies and toddlers from fiddling, pinching and scratching whilst feeding, being worn, or being carried.
  • Appeal to babies senses, particularly vision and touch, and give them something to focus on.
  • Aid with teething (the Chewy Range)

I got given the following necklaces to review:

The 'Mercury' Wooden Ring Necklace

The ‘Mercury’ Wooden Ring Necklace

The 'Dakota' (Grey and White) Chewy Necklace

The ‘Dakota’ (Grey and White) Chewy Necklace

The 'Aire' (Purple) Crochet Necklace

The ‘Aire’ (Purple) Crochet Necklace

The ‘Mercury’ Wooden Ring Necklace

I will start by reviewing the Mercury. Or as I like to call it, the twiddled nipple saviour.

Firstly, I love the design of this. I can’t put my finger exactly on what it is that makes it stand out to me but it’s one of my most worn necklaces. The silicone beads attracted both mine and my son’s fingers alike. I find myself sitting at work playing with it! I would suggest this necklace to anyone currently experiencing the horrors of constant nipple fiddling. Obviously there’s never a guarantee that your baby/toddler will pick the silicone beads over your areola but if any necklace has a chance at doing it, this one does.

The ‘Dakota’ (Grey and White) Chewy Necklace

This is my ‘any outfit’ necklace. I found myself actually wearing it to work as often as I wore it at home! I also found myself chewing it as much as my son did (ha!). It has a safety release clip which doesn’t release at the slightest pull but would if you needed it to (tried and tested). Out of all of them, this is the most teething orientated. Probably the least ‘fiddly’.

The ‘Aire’ (Purple) Crochet Necklace

Another one I found myself wearing a LOT. I’m a purple fiend so it went well with a LOT of my clothes. I did often get asked why my necklace wasn’t symmetrical but I quite like the quirky one-sided-ness of it. I think if the star was central it would look more… ordinary. And ordinary is boring 😉


To conclude… I love all three and they have become fixed accessories for my wardrobe. Whether the necklaces are successful in distracting nipple twiddling or being a preferred object to bite during teeth is entirely down to your little one. My 20 month old definitely enjoyed each one differently but equally.

One thing I find awesome about Coastal Path Creations is the option to customise your own designs – an option which doesn’t break the bank either (like you might expect it to!).

All in all, this is a fab WAHM business and it’s worth having a look at their website.

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