This week I’ve been reviewing this lovely necklace from Carly Dove Boutique.

Carly Dove Boutique was started in June 2016 after Carly decided not to return to work following the birth of her second child. After noticing that there was a lack in variation on the nursing necklace market, she saw an opportunity to create designs which are a bit different – making asymmetry her signature look.

On her website she states:

In terms of aesthetics, I am drawn to the unusual, something that jars the eye, but just somehow works. This has developed into my signature asymmetrical style, and offers something a bit different from other teething ranges on the market. They say symmetry is beauty, but I find beauty in the imperfections, the gaps and the jolts. 

The beads are Food grade silicone.
This is the same material that most teethers and bottle teats are made from. Silicone is tough, odourless and tasteless, won’t get mouldy and doesn’t support bacteria.

The necklace design I chose was Disco Dot.

I picked it for the colour combination first and was able to choose the design on the wooden bead. I had the choice of the following:

I love the fact that I can have that extra bit of customisation in there… and the fact the beads are double sided which I feel brings an extra dimension to the necklace!

On the ‘fiddling’ side of things, I found myself fiddling with the necklace more than my son! But then as a toddler, he is busy doing other things! I think for a younger baby, it could provide an interesting sensory experience for little fingers. Carly does remind customers that these necklaces are not intended as toys and children shouldn’t be left alone with them.


In terms of design, I love that it stands out from the rest of the necklaces available out there. It works really well both casually and formally – it would make a great addition to a plain outfit! It feels really strong and secure – the cord is really strong and the clasp is secure but can be pulled off with enough force (a strong toddler will do it as I’ve found!).

At £18.99, it is definitely at the higher end of the price scale for nursing necklaces, however, for the amount of beads you are getting and the interesting design, along with the fact you are buying from a fellow boobing mum, I could definitely justify the price – especially if I was after some special jewellery for an event such as a wedding or christening! I feel like I’m buying an ‘upmarket’ bespoke item rather than something mass produced in a factory which is a massive plus point to me.

I would definitely recommend!

Available to buy here.

For 20% off, use discount code CIBII until the 31st of May!


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