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Pumpables Review

As well as boobs, breast pumps can be a very crucial piece of kit for helping you to provide breastmilk for your little ones, whether it be for tiny babies in hospital or when heading back to work.  Pumping often has to be squeezed into valuable windows of time around other children, in the middle of the night, in breaks at work or even between operatic performances.  You can spend an awful lot of time with your pump, it is therefore crucial that the pump you use is comfortable, efficient, easy to use (and clean) and quiet would be nice too.

Pumpables have a new Breast pump – The Genie Plus. This double electric breast pump is described as ultra portable- small and light, super silent and with options for different sizes. So we have put it to the test to see how it performs!

Firstly a few key features of the pump as described by Pumpables….

  • Portable to allow you to pump whilst doing other things!
  • Super Silent.
  • Easily switch from single to double pumping using the inbuilt air ports.
  • A rechargeable lithium ion battery, the same kind in smart phones, to give the maximum pumping time possible.
  • LCD screen so you can see at a glance your settings, remaining battery charge, and pump program.
  • Massage mode for easy letdown.
  • Intelligent memory – Milk Genie Plus allows you to easily store and replay your favourite pumping program
  • Variable cycle speeds.
  • Quality, long tubing, wideneck bottles with measurements that are embedded on the bottle
  • Two piece breastshield – instead of a one piece breastshield, a two piece shield that separates into flange + connector. This means it’s much easier to change flange sizes.
  • Backflow protection – we have built a backflow protector to sit between the breastshield and tubing, preventing your milk getting into the tubing and causing issues with the pump motor.
  • Comes with 3 breastshield sizes so you can get your perfect fit.

So how did it fair?


To start with the instructions are simple and easy to follow, if anything a bit too simple! You can also download the manual if you prefer screen to paper and it is very useful that it has a fitting guide included.


This new pump also comes with 3 different breastshield sizes, which is great – I haven’t seen that before.


When I first received the pump it was actually delivered with some charge on – useful when I couldn’t find a plug close to a seat in the airbnb we were staying in! It also comes with numerous plug adapters-always handy as literally your pump can go everywhere with you. One of the best features of the pump is that it can be used without being plugged in-as it is described-ultra portable!


In terms of modes, for comparison it is similar to the Medela swing in that it has two different speed modes: massage and expression. On the Ameda, my previous pump, you could adjust the speed more easily than on the Genie but it is still easily adjustable.

However with the Genie Plus it is really simple to switch from single to double pumping.

The pump display is actually really well lit which is great for mum’s pumping in the night!


In terms of pumping efficiency I got 5oz in 7 minutes. I have quite a good supply and fast flow, normal from my Ameda would be about 3-4 oz in 10 minutes. So I am really pleased with the efficiency of the Genie Plus.


The memory function yesterday is very e as asy to use and works well. The function carries on with whichever was the last setting before stopping, so generally that would be the expressing mode. I think it depends on personal preferences as to whether this would be useful as sometimes different amounts of massaging time can be required, but I can see how it can be make the operation even simpler.

Something worth noting is that the pump remembers what settings were the last ones you use, so generally when pumping I increase the suction level as I go through a session. I need to try and remember to turn it down when I finish however the memory function could also be very useful in this circumstance.

As for the noise of the pump when operating, it is possibly a bit louder than my Ameda, but it wasn’t significant or an issue.

The Genie Plus seems to be far easier to clean than my previous pump. It comes apart easily and the “connector” section is quite wide so you can actually get something through to clean it.

In Summary

I’m impressed. I’d give it a 4.5/5. Only because it could be slightly quieter and it isn’t quite as easy to adjust speeds. Would definitely recommend!

*this is my own unsponsored review, Charlotte.

Click here to go to Pumpables Genie Plus Breast Pump

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