Pat Pat Review

PatPat Review

PatPat are known for their competitively priced clothing and twinning wear, we have a lot of posts asking for opinions on their clothing so we thought it was time to try it for ourselves. 

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PatPat Clothing

While waiting for my order to arrive I read through member comments about the company. Some group members have been happy with their items.  There were however quite a few comments stating they are poor quality, use cheap materials, have erratic sizing, incorrect sizes were supplied, they have unhelpful customer service with poor English, it is difficult to do returns or no return was possible, and also some concerning comments that their items are “rip offs” – cheap fakes of other companies items that use their marketing imagery.  Read my review below…

I am reviewing three PatPat items. 

A breastfeeding top: Stylish Printed Long-sleeve Nursing Tee 

A breastfeeding hoodie: Trendy Long-sleeve Nursing Hoodie

And a Christmas onesie: Mosaic Family Matching Christmas Tree Onesies


My first instinct was that I was a little disappointed.  The clothing did seem to be of similar quality to cheaper Far Eastern made clothing I’ve previously bought from EBay and Amazon.  When I look back at the website pictures they just don’t seem to look as nice in person. 

There are some definite issues with how the top in particular is cut.  It was initially tricky to get all the parts to lie flat and correctly, and I kept flashing random bits of my bra when I lifted my arms.  After a bit of fiddling I did manage to get covered but I still felt like perhaps there was not enough material on the left hand side to cover large boobs.  I did quite like the colour and pattern, and it was a fairly flattering fit.  There are loads of different patterns available in this style.


The hoodie was comfy and looked ok I thought!  I like the pockets and the tartan style pattern.

The onesie is just a super fun item and I love a bit of Christmas matchy matchy with my wee one so this will definitely get worn!

I would say in general though, these are very cheaply designed and made products.  The stitching is also a bit loose on some of the items. 


Really not a fan of the materials used sadly.  In particular the hoodie feels very cheap, synthetic, shiny and slick feeling.  The top has the nicest fabric feel.  In checking the composition this makes sense.  The top is 65% cotton and 35% polyester, the hoodie is 85% polyester and 15% spandex, and the onesie is 100% polyester.  I’ve tried to take pictures to show the fabric more accurately.

From the website photos I was expecting the hoodie to have sweatshirt/jersey type elements, but it was as if the patterns had been printed like a picture onto the fabric rather than there being any different fabrics.  I had also expected the hoody and onesies to be quite thick and cosy but they were actually very thin material.  I felt a bit hot wearing them though, especially the hoody, as the material wasn’t particularly breathable.  I had bought a matching onesie for my little one, but I don’t think it would be suitable overnight as pyjamas (too sweaty!), but would be fine for a bit of fun to wear Christmas Eve or morning.  Just keep your child (and yourself!) away from any heat sources or naked flames!


I always worry about Far Eastern produced clothing being too small so I ordered all items in XL and I’m a size 14.  I received an XXL top, XL hoody and an XL onesie (going by past comments I have found, if they don’t have your size in stock they will replace it with another size rather than refund you).  The XXL top  actually fit pretty well, slightly loose in the arms perhaps.  It’s maternity apparently, but I would say there’s only room for a small bump.  The XL hoody was very loose and I probably should have sized down.  I was happy with the fit of the XL onesie as I wanted it baggy, but I probably could have sized down for a snugger fit if preferred.  The sizing didn’t seem particularly standard across the different items and I would advise you check the individual sizing by item.


Ease of Feeding Access

I can feed quite easily in the breastfeeding specific top, however I ended up just pulling the top down rather than using the actual access holes though.  It takes a bit of fiddling to get the components to lie properly without bits of my bra hanging out (especially when lifting your arms) so I found it easier to just flop one out!  The material was stretchy enough to do this easily. 


The hoody I didn’t really enjoy feeding in.  The zips are just slightly too short for a larger breasted lady and it was difficult to get my whole breast out to make sure the zip wasn’t lying against my baby’s cheek.  If you are smaller boobed you may be fine! The zips are however in the right place for access. 


The onesie is easy enough to feed in, just unzip to however low you fancy! Not the most discreet, but you could wear a crop top underneath for a bit more cover. 



If you get a discount code (it seems like there nearly always is one, so have a search) then you may get something for a reasonable price.  Keep in mind that you may have difficulty returning any wrongly sized or ill fitting items according to some of our posters.  If I was paying full price for the items I don’t think I would have been happy with the value.  “You get what you pay for” is a saying that comes to mind!


I’m sure my onesie will get trotted out for family shenanigans on Christmas Eve.  It’s quite a fun piece of clothing!  However I don’t think I would reach much for the other items.  I couldn’t wholeheartedly recommend PatPat.  Judging by previous comments and my experience you are likely to receive an incorrectly sized item.  The material is not the nicest feel or quality and the cut and design is not quite right.  If you manage to get a bargain you may be happy with the items, but you really get what you pay for and it’s a bit of a lottery, so if you are willing to take a risk then go for it!

*This is my own unsponsored post and comments on the product

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