Nursing Bra Shop purely sells nursing bras, so no hunting through a website for suitable bras for breastfeeding!

Before you even receive delivery of your bras the customer service is fantastic!  I hate to admit, but when I spoke to Neil I was a bit dubious,  but what that man doesn’t know about nursing bras! He knows his products inside out.  He knows how they fit, the different features, the styling, the colour, the sizing.  Can’t rate the service enough, if you aren’t sure which bra you would like, I highly recommend you give him a ring, very much like a personal shopper for nursing bras!  (Sorry Neil if you get lots of calls.)  They are a family run business with plenty of different styles, sizes, brands, colours that I am sure they must have something to suit everyone’s needs!

ISO a nursing bra posts are always coming up on the group, so thought it was about time we had a look at some different options for you.  We have tried and tested a great selection of different styles that are all available from Nursing Bra Shop.

We also have a superb giveaway of your choice of two nursing bras from the website at the bottom of this page!!! x

Bravado Body Silk Seamless Bra


The first nursing bra is not one that I would have ordinarily chosen myself and I haven’t worn this brand previously.  The Bravado Body Silk Seamless Bra is wireless and seamfree and feels so comfortable on.  The bra has a stretchy band around your chest that helps create a nice snug fit, there is no riding up your back and it feels very pleasant-the seam free does actually make a difference to the feel of the bra when wearing it.  The rest of the bra including the cups is all made from a nice soft stretchy fabric- 4 way stretch they call it!  It has removable pads in the cups, having spent so long in non-padded bras I took them out but the boob shape in the bra looks so much better with them I put them straight back in.  I admit it may not be the prettiest bra to look at but once on it gives a nice boob shape under a vest or tee for my size boobs.  There is no A frame shape to the bra and the full cup lowers which is absolutely fine with me.

2018-09-17 17.20.34

The strap width is no wider than a “standard” bra with length adjustment and the nursing clip is very secure. I has to shorten the shoulder straps quite a bit to ensure the fit was correct under the arm but also make sure at the same time it did not ride up my back.  The bra also comes with a set of Bravado B clips which can be used to convert the bra to an “ordinary” bra once nursing has finished.  Not sure the conversion is worth the effort and would be happy myself to leave it as it is, but the option is there.  The bra has a neat v shape to the neckline, the cups do come up quite high either side of the v so may not be suitable for all v neck outfits.

2018-09-16 22.23.07

The back adjuster has 4 positions with a triple clip closure.  I got a “Small” which is perfect as per the size guidelines given by Bravado.

A great functional bra for comfort and practicality, it may not be the most pleasing on the eye but the shape and support it gives are great with plenty of stretch fr changing boob size.  An everyday essentials bra ideal for early days at home with a new baby, hanging out with the children or even for work I have found!

Rating : 8/10


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The Royce Blossom


The fit of this bra is great and I feel very supported in it.  The cup size can be changed by ribbons at the front so you can adjust to perfection!



The bra has quite thick straps and band I think to help with the support but that is not an issue.  The material is a lovely soft jersey type material.


Over all I would recommend this bra to everyone, especially new mums, having the perfect cup sized bra will help stop mastitis and blockages.  The sizing of this bra is based on BoB measurements.

Rating : 10/10


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The Heidi Klum Intimates Madeline Jet bra


I was really excited about this bra as it is the typical style I wore before having to move to nursing bras.  A pretty and smart looking bra. The bra is black with cream straps, cream central bow and cream band around the chest. The cups are made from lace with the lace detail going across the back section.

2018-09-16 22.18.45

Inside the cups is a soft cotton for comfort. They are not full cups which is a nice change from most nursing bras.  The bra has an internal A frame for support and comfort and on unfastening the nursing clips there is an A frame lace strip that is a lovely luxury touch.


The strap width is standard so no problems with wide straps under strappy tops. The back adjuster has 6 positions and 2 clips. The band across the back is not too wide and still looks delicate.  I really love this bra, it feels like the underwear I used to wear pre breastfeeding rather than an uninspiring nursing bra. I probably wont wear this bra every day but wear it under smarter clothes when i just want to feel a bit special.

Rating : 9 / 10

2018-09-16 22.25.40

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The  Panache Ivory And Candy Pink Sophie Nursing bra


This is a lovely lightweight bra, very pretty and hardly know you have it on!  Definitely a great feminine bra option!


The fabric is breathable so great when baby wearing/nighttime and is a lovely light, soft fabric with a lace overlay.  The labels had to be cut out the back as it was very itchy.


This is a great bra for when supply has settled and you don’t need too much support.

Rating : 7/10


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The Hot Milk Eclipse


The Hot Milk bra is between the two I tried, very practical but also a lovely looking bra.

The bra has satin and lace full cups with little lace detail around the top of the cups and beneath.  The bra has a pleasing soft cotton lining.  there is a central bow and diamente detail.  The straps are no wider than a standard width with a pretty ruched detail to the front of the straps and the adjustment at the back.

2018-09-16 22.20.14

The bra has nursing clips which are easily undone with one hand.  It has has an A-frame style which should give you discreet support with a neat black strip across the boob when the cup is lowered.  It features a newly developed external side sling support which runs from the shoulder strap point to the under-bust.    Your boobs feel like they are nicely contained in this bra, not too much freedom but also creating a nice shape.


The back adjuster has an excellent 6 positions and 3 clips.

This bra could be my favourite as it is both practical and pretty, a bra that can be worn every day and that still looks delicate, no way a dull nursing bra!

Rating : 9.5/10


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The Nursing Bra Shop definitely has a great variety of styles and sizes, these are just a sample few.  A nursing bra can be a big, daunting choice, and if you are as indecisive  as me you may find it so hard to choose.  With the customer service and guidance from the Nursing Bra shop we have been extremely happy with our choices that meet each of the demands we were after.  There is brilliant fast delivery, long returns time and helpful tips on choosing the right bra in the index.  We highly recommend Nursing Bra Shop-and no this is not sponsored at all! – it is just an excellent nursing bra store!

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