A new study has been done on lactating women and the effects of certain foods to their milk. The study of five thousand women showed a clear indication that the consumption of strawberries will make breast milk strawberry flavoured. This has spurred research in to other foods being tested and the Institute for Breastfeeding Research is pushing forward with new studies in the coming months.

The research started with the effect on rats and it was noted that the milk effectively became strawberry milk with the consumption of a strawberry rich diet. The next food to be tested is expected to be broccoli in an attempt to push the consumption of the vegetable in younger infants due to its high iron content and vast array of different vitamins. 23% of the participants of the study showed no difference in their milk content but a staggering 77% of participants produced strawberry milk.

The participants consumed 400g of strawberries 3 times a day. The study showed that by consuming acidic foods at the same time, such as vinegar, the effects were even more dramatic. This new research is expected to be a key part of the advice new mothers will be given in terms of their consumption of food. Scientists have long known that you can change the fats in your milk, for instance increasing the omega 3 fatty acids in breast milk by increasing the consumption of omega 3 fatty acid containing foods like salmon and other oily fish products.

Many researchers from different areas of infant care, from allergy prevention to better weaning success with new foods with flavours being introduced, are excited by this evidence. There have been several experts however who are opposed to this new research. Dr Stan Vibble provided a statement to the institute of breastfeeding research suggesting ‘we don’t know the long term effects and benefits this might have on humans,’ adding ‘we need to be cautious about what we do with this information with regards to the recommendations we give to families’ Dr Vibble’s stance was backed up by Dr Tester who has recommended the IBR not impose any recommendations based on this research until there has been some cohort studies which support these claims.

Breastfeeding Mum Makes Strawberry Milkshake

A Mum of two, who claims to have an addiction to strawberries, is producing strawberry flavoured milk for her baby! Tanya, the mum of two from Bristol, claims that her habit of eating up to a pound of strawberries a day has resulted with her milk turning pink and tasting like strawberries.

Experts on breastfeeding tend to agree that what a mum eats usually has a minimal impact of the milk produced during nursing. Dr. Sam Daniels from Bristol university was stumped as to how this mum’s milk really could taste so strongly of strawberries, when combined with the natural sweetness of breast milk “it really does taste like strawberry milkshake” he claimed.

Tanya claims she got the addiction to the sweet red fruit while she was pregnant with her youngest, Elliot now eight months, and it just never went away. She discovered the difference in her milk when she decided to begin expressing milk ready for her return to work, “it was so pink, it never looked like that when I expressed with my first, it was just so bright.” While the mum knew that milk can come in a range of colours she was initially concerned but was quickly relieved to learn that although her milk was strawberry flavoured it was actually just as beneficial for her baby as non strawberry flavoured breast milk, just with the added flavour of strawberries. “It turns out I just make strawberry milkshake” Tanya said.

It’s important we point out that this is an April Fools joke! To find out the real facts about diet affecting mother’s milk, click here and here.

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