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Molke Brand Bio

From Blue Tits to Rainbows to Tartan, Molke is providing something totally unique to the underwear market whilst also winning awards for its sustainability and ethical practices!

Molke is the brainchild of Kirsty and Ros -who are totally passionate about bras!  Not only that but they are totally passionate about empowering women.  They are passionate about designing for real women.  They are passionate about body positivity.  They are passionate about the ethics of their brand.  They are passionate about designing bras for supreme comfort and superb fit.  All of this is done with sprinkles of unicorn type magic, Molke is like finding a golden bra at the end of the rainbow!


The dynamic duo and how it all began….

The Molke story starts way back in 2011 with one woman, a baby and a sewing machine…

After having her first baby, Kirsty was looking for a new hobby so decided to buy a sewing machine and make some cloth nappies for her son.  What started as just a hobby soon became a business and Billy Bums was born.  Fast forward 4 years and Kirsty’s family wasn’t the only thing to have grown; Billy Bums was thriving and Kirsty turned her attention to clothing and more importantly for us-bras for breastfeeding women.  Demand soon increased due her awesome designs and Kirsty recruited (aka dragged in) friend and fellow baby wearing peer supporter Ros to help with emails and accounts.

Kirsty & Ros taken by Lucy Graney
Kirsty (l) and Ros (r)

In 2017 they officially joined forces and Molke made its’ debut, soon becoming a limited company.  Two years ago Kirsty was sewing all the underwear herself from her spare bedroom in Blairgowrie, now they have a total of eight staff (including her Mum!) and still make everything themselves in Perthshire. They have very recently moved into even larger premises to take on more machinists and are also hoping to set up an on-site shop!  In case you are local or in the area it is worth knowing they have a fitting area so feel free to drop in!

Molke passionately focuses on producing body positive clothing to suit all women.  Their philosophy should so be the fashion world norm, however in the image obsessed world we live in this is unfortunately not easy or applauded enough, however Molke are changing perceptions one bra at a time!


The bras themselves….

The Molke bras are wire-free and made with a super soft and breathable fabric.  The cotton jersey fabric is both soft and stretchy to give a comfortable and flexible sizing.  The bras are suitable for breastfeeding being wire free, also there are no clips or fasteners-just pull the cup down for quick and easy access!  The Molke design not only offers comfort and an excellent fit but also allows for the fluctuations in boob size that goes with breastfeeding.

The bras are all designed by Kirsty,  not using a mannequin but real bodies. “I really believe this is key to the success and comfort of the bra.”  This has included help from many a friend topless at Kirsty’s home trying bra after bra after bra to get the designs spot on!  Molke hugely value the honest feedback from women that wear their underwear and they love that their customers test out new designs and styles.  Totally involving your customers in your designs is guaranteed to produce items that real women want to wear.


Not resting on their boobs, Molke are continually looking forward to the next magical land for their bras and brand.    Their latest development is the “Thunder” cup.  There is very little choice of bras out there for women with K+ boobs which led Kirsty to create this new ‘Thunder’ cup, and in all band sizes!  As with all the designs the Thunder cup went through several stages of testing and alterations before Kirsty was finally happy with the current design.

Molke bras have their own unique sizing, you won’t see thunder cups on the high street!  There is a very simple to use calculator on the website, that along with your measurements, will give you a band size and a cup size of Stellar, Cosmic, Mega, Super or Thunder.  Molke bras are particularly popular with those larger boobed with the new Thunder cup size offering an even greater range of sizes up to a 46n.


Customers will often feedback to say they are surprised with the support and comfort that the bras offer, Nat herself will wear no other bra!  Not only made with comfort in mind but also to add a splash of rainbow to your day.  The bras and matching pants are available in some truly funky prints, have some fun with your underwear!  These bras are not designed to be hidden- flash your Molke #molkeflash!


The feel good factor…..

Your boobs are not the only important consideration for Molke, they are also passionate about their products being sustainable and ethical.  They have well deservedly just won an award for their “Contribution to Sustainability”!  Molke aim to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible, using organic cotton for all products and manufacturing everything in their UK premises in Perthshire.


Waste not want not, they also collect every scrap of spare fabric from the cutting room floor to donate to local schools, craft groups and also to Remake Scotland.  They have turned their attention to packaging too, ditching all unnecessary packaging, only using recycled tissue paper, paper mailing bags and reducing their plastic use as much.  A truly sustainable business with a conscience.

Molke are a unique brand with such huge passion for their bras, they really do want to ensure they provide the best fit and design for real women.  There is no denying the passion Molke have for empowering women (and their boobs!), this passion shines brightly through their products and business ethics!

“We believe women of all shapes and sizes deserve comfort and support, which we believe our bras can give!”

Click here to go to the Molke Website


Berries and Cherries Tartan Bra

Molke were keen to reflect their Scottish heritage in the local Blairgowrie ‘Berries and Cherries’ tartan designed by master weaver Ashleigh Slater.  Molke was born in Blairgowrie, a town in rural Perthshire!   The bra and matching pants are perfect for Winter, and be rest assured they are not made from wool but the super soft, cotton jersey of all Molke underwear, phew no tickly tartan!

Price : £35-37


Molkemas Bra

Join in the festive fun with the fabulous merry Molkemas bra!  This festive print will definitely get you in the mood to party, but don’t hang about as it is a limited print!  The print is so brilliantly colourful it really is not to be restricted to Christmas, wear all year to brighten your days!  There are also matching super comfy pants to add to the fun!

Price : £35-37


Navy Bra

This is the most popular of the Molke Bras and affectionately called “Blavy” at Molke headquarters.  So extremely dark Navy its almost black!  The bra is made from the Molke supersoft cotton that can easily pulled down for breastfeeding and with no wires or fiddly clips is a real breastfeeding star!

As per the other bra designs there are also matching and super comfy pants available!

Price : £32-34


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