Member review: M&S Bralette

I’ve always had somewhat unruly breasts. I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought two medium sized nursing sleep bras from H&M at the end of my pregnancy. I was wearing a 30F bra ten months ago and the idea of a dress sized bra was laughable even then. By the time my milk came in it wasn’t just my breasts that weren’t contained by soft sleep bras, even my nipples were escaping, painfully.  I gazed longingly at the delicate, lacy bralettes posted in CIBFII by women with dainty, proportioned and pert breasts, while I sat at my laptop, in my milk-stained, monoboob vest, longing for the lift and separation to which my pre-pregnancy chest was accustomed (and for which I’d willingly pay £20-£30). I assumed bralettes were not for the likes of me, and at three weeks postpartum, there was little prospect of a real bra, nursing-specific or otherwise, on the horizon.

But wait! M&S have a DD+ bralette, do they? Behold the “Louisa”. That’s never going to do the job, is it…? Were I to buy a proper bra it should be a 32 JJ/H, according to Boob or Bust. I ordered the black and a white M&S DD+ bralettes with some scepticism. No one was more surprised than me when they turned out to be game changers.

The first thing to say is the M&S Louisa bralette isn’t a nursing bra. Access is a little bit trickier than that, requiring you to pull your boob out the top, a bit fiddly if your outer clothes aren’t also reasonably accessible (drop a strap for a bit more maneuverability). So worth it though. This bralette is very stretchy and washes well.  Wearing it I have two boobs, two nicely shaped boobs, even, dare I say it, two relatively pert boobs.  I look pretty! My breast pads are almost invisible, my nipples aren’t squashed, and did I mention… I’M PRETTY. At £9.50, I’m so impressed with this bralette. I wouldn’t trampoline wearing it, but it’s great for walking around all day and feeding, gives a pleasant outline under clothes, stays put, and even the straps are fairly attractive.  

I’m still coveting bralettes I can never wear, but now it’s just for the colours and patterns on the ubiquitous regular sized offerings. Who even knew big boobs could be happy without underwire and for less than a tenner? I feel like everything I knew about the world is wrong.

By Katie D

Available here.

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