Fiddle necklaces seem to be popping up now more than ever! Which is great because you can never have too many fiddle necklaces! This Mama, however, was on the scene early, established in 2012 and has built up quite the following since!

Taken from Mama Twofish’s Etsy page:

Mama Twofish began after a realisation that babies like to fiddle with things, necklaces, glasses, jewellery, you name it, kids like to fiddle with things – especially whilst feeding. 
Teething necklaces were common place at the time of founding Mama Twofish but specially formulated fiddle necklaces weren’t. 
Mama Twofish wanted something contemporary, natuoral and bright! 
& so Mama Twofish was born. 
Since creating the business, the range has evolved and grown to accommodate a variety of styles and tastes. 
Mama Twofish hopes to grow in the future to maintain the need for fiddle necklaces for sensory and tactile distractions for fiddly fingers. 

I was lucky enough to receive a necklace so I could give an honest review. When asked which I wanted, of course I went for rainbow! Duh! There were so many choices though, and you can even fine tune the feature bead colour which you pick a custom option. They are adjustable length cord (with the bead things, not just knots!).

Anyway! I’ve worn it on different occasions. To work, out with my friends as well as just hanging around the house. It stood the test of toddler yanking. And he’s not a big ‘fiddler’ (except maybe with the nips, UGHHHH) so I was actually impressed when he played with it during a feed!

He doesn’t tend to bite it really, which is good in my opinion! He likes putting it in my mouth it seems… each to their own I guess! I’ve found that I can wear this necklace with loads of outfits. All in all, it feels like a good quality necklace which is worth the money. A good neckwear staple!

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