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Lucy & Yak Breastfeeding Style

We must have all seen Lucy & Yak dungarees on our Facebook group?!  But are they really the coolest and most comfortable breastfeeding item you will own?  Oh yes.

Dungarees and pinafore dresses are fab choices for breastfeeding, with easy nursing access to the side, by pulling down or by undoing straps, they can be discrete, comfortable and above all fun!

Lucy and Yak’s have so many cool and ever changing styles and limited prints, they have to be the greatest fun for styling,- pretty much anything goes and just instantly looks cool!  Add belts, hats, badges, scarfs, boots, friends, dogs…….  They let you show off your individuality and be able to nurse you little ones. 

There is something almost magical about putting on a pair of Lucy & Yak dungas that makes you just need, ok want, more in your wardrobe!  They are super addictive!!  Everyone I know who has bought a pair, has gone on to buy more….. that says a lot!  And if you think dungarees won’t suit you, think again!

We have put together a few styling ideas for your breastfeeding wardrobe- less words, more photos!

We also speak to Lucy & Yaks own fashion blogger Ash about her fave style ideas!

“So my top general choices of our products I’m thinking would be the Eye Party Dungas, the boiler suits and the Ash Pink dungarees.

The Eye Party dungas – they’re so bold and bright and really make a statement, and I have an eye tattoo so they match brilliantly haha!


I would layer my Ash Pink dungas with a striped long sleeve top and a light pink tshirt underneath or a simple striped top – I think they are a simple design but such a lovely colour you can really play about with it! And the fact they are cord is my fave and on trend at the moment too.

My boiler suit with a high neck top and belt.  They speak for themselves I think.”

On with the styles….

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‘Organic Mini Pini’ Corduroy Dress in Midnight Black

I picked this lovely pinafore in black as I love my bright tops and accessories!  The dark shade is a perfect canvas for the vibrant Scandi patterns I adore.  This is a size Large and I normally wear a size 14.   The fit is snugger on the tummy than the originals, but still comfy.  Sizing up would probably be too big, so I feel this is the right size.  So much fun to be had stylng this pini!

Easy boobing in the pini! Pull up your top, undo the pini strap, or pull it off your shoulder. Then pull down or move the neckline sideways! Pull your top down as low as you like for a super discrete feed!

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Photo 24-03-2019, 15 04 44

I tried a few non-Scandi tops, the pini looks fab with block brights, stripes, and blouses!

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‘Rainbowz’ Limited Edition Striped Dungarees

Are you even a Lucy & Yak fan if you haven’t coveted the rainbow dungas?!

What better to wear on the other side of the world than rainbow stripes, showing NZ how it’s done.

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‘Sage’ Limited Edition Green Stripe Cotton Twill Dungarees

Definite fun styling these, in shades of greens with a hint of mustard and blue.  These are a size small and 30″ length.  There is plenty of room in the dungas but they don’t feel too baggy (am usually a size 8), the length is fine with a roll up too, but reckon I could have gone with the 32″ leg to give more roll up or down options!

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Garden gear, wellies and a large sunhat
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Purple Cord Dungarees

These dungarees are the colour of all colours!  Great for contraasting colours, why blend when you can go bold.

L&Y Edits (7)

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‘The Organic Original’ Corduroy Dungarees in Sailor Blue

Again I bypassed all the lovely patterned and colourful Lucy and Yaks for a classic pair of originals in a navy type shade.  I am a size 14 and this is a Large size. I find it to be the perfect fit, comfy and oversized as Yaks are intended to be worn!

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yaks 2

Styled with a zebra pattern top, bright trainers and a slouchy velvet beanie hat!

And Finally…..

Just when you thought we were done, more have been added to the L&Y collection, we just can’t stop…..

You can so personalise your Lucy & Yaks- dyeing your fave colours (they easily dye and keep the logo patch white!), tie-dye, patches, badges, embroider, belts, make these guys your own…..

So how do you style yours?!

*These our own unsponsored post and comments on the product

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