Latched was established by a breastfeeding Mum, Natalie, who as a mum of two found that traditional sportswear and athleisurewear didn’t support or flatter her ever changing body.  Therefore she created her own “mums on the go” collection for maternity and postnatal sportswear!

The Latched Breastfeeding Sports Bra that is designed by Natalie is now available for cup size E – HH (XL Size), please check out out review to see what we think!

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Latched Breastfeeding Sports Bra (XL Bust)

The Latched Breastfeeding Sports Bra for XL busts is a stylish, super functional bra for nursing on the run! The XL has been specially created for those with E to J cups.


The bra is black and white with an eye catching graphic design. It features drop cups with sturdy clips for easy access. The cups sit on an a-frame which gives an extra bit of coverage and support when breastfeeding. The fabric is thick and smooth and feels like a quality material. It’s made of 27% spandex and 73% polyester. You can wear the straps normally, or cross them behind for extra support. The band features three rows of hook and eye closures with three width settings.

The clips are strong and don’t come undone when I bounce around! It’s really easy to feed in, the cups fold down easily, although obviously I am not quick enough for my toddler who feels the need to assist!

2B4A3D09-A954-4C3F-9154-A4252A710069You could tandem feed easily in this bra, and the a-frame style means you’d be a bit more covered up than a standard nursing bra. There is a bra extender included with the bra, which is fabulous if you put on weight or are pregnant. The straps are thicker than the standard Latched Sports Bra for extra sturdiness, and are fully adjustable. There are removable breast pads, you could also insert your own for extra absorption.

Fit wise I am a 33 inch back, and usually wear a 32G or 34FF. I tried the XS size, which equates to a 32EE-HH. I find it a very comfy fit, the band on the loosest setting is snug but not uncomfortably so. The cups fit well, there’s stretch to the fabric so I imagine larger cup sizes would be well catered for as well. For light exercise such as walking, yoga, pilates, housework etc. I think this bra would be great. When I try more strenuous exercise (running, aerobics) I do find I have quite a lot of movement, so I would say this is a more low-moderate impact bra. I do find it more supportive when worn with the straps crossed across the back. (The straps are removable from the back clasps in order to cross them at the back). I do find my boobs “munch” the band a bit, and it disappears under my boobs, but to be fair gravity is winning the battle with my chest!

I’d definitely recommend this bra for large busted ladies who would like to do some light-moderate exercise and breastfeed in comfort and ease. I think I will probably wear this when not exercising as well – it actually gave me a pretty impressive cleavage!

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*This is my own unsponsored post and comments on the product

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