Human Milk clothing is brought to you from the team behind the amazing advertising campaign that is “Human Milk, Tailor-Made for Tiny Humans”.  Human Milk first promoted the awesomeness of human milk through their advert, they are now excitingly using the media of clothing to promote the total wonderment that is breastmilk.

The Advert…..

So how did it all start?  Claire Tchaikowski,  Founder and Director reached out to the breastfeeding community whilst breastfeeding her son and started to find out things about human milk that were so astounding, and also well buried, she felt compelled to do something to share the information as far and wide as possible.  There are many hundreds of components in human milk, many of them working in collaboration with each other. Whilst the list of components is astounding enough in itself, the way these elements interact and behave in the mother and in the baby is just astonishing. What started as a small personal project quickly grew into something bigger…   Everyone working on this project are parents, most of whom have very young children and juggle the work around sleep deprivation, nap times, paid work, playdates and meltdowns. Everyone who contributed time and skills to the project has done so free of charge.

“The support that gathered around this initiative is unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed before.”

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The advertising campaign highlights the composition of human milk and the science of breastfeeding.  I love a bit of science as it explains how and why things actually work, and such is the same for breastmilk.  Their infographic demonstrates the sheer magnificence of breastmilk in a truly beautiful graphic.   If you saw the Channel 4 despatches programme on 30th July you would have seen a demonstration of the massive beneficial contents of breastmilk, the tiny human infographic lays this all out for you.

Click here to see the Breastmilk Infographic


Their hope is that by sharing this knowledge of human milk it will give added support and inspiration to parents who desire to breastfeed or are already doing so, and also help parents who are still unsure of how to feed their children to make a truly informed decision that works for them.

The Fashion…..

And on to Human Milk’s new venture-clothes!  Clothes from babies to little persons, to Mummys and Daddys, all sharing the wondrous virtues of human milk.

Mummys’ Ts feature gorgeous designs to promote and demonstrate the amazingness of breastmilk, including a beautiful oxyflower and a “blue moon” of breastmilk components.  Even the baby vest sends a meaningful message with it’s “Mummy Milk” design inspired by the infographic, co-created with The Hearts Milk Bank.  It uses the 8 colours representing the categories of components: Amino Acids, Hormones, Nucleotides, Growth Factors/Inflammatory Mediators, Fats, Enzymes and Carbohydrates, and Vitamins and Minerals. Not to mention little ones’ Frazzled Mummy t-shirt, basically just summing up life as we know it in one cute drawing!

And……… we have exciting news of the next items that will be added to their existing range!  They are currently getting their long sleeve garments, layering vests and more accessories ready for Autumn.  Next year we can look forward to jumpsuits, dresses and wrap around cardigans, all made from scratch, and with all over fabric patterns, can’t wait!  These will all be more fascinating sciencey type designs, with the attention to detail and stylised designs they have afforded their current garments, I can’t wait to see the new products and the cool as designs.


The Oxyflower Black T

This T features the beautiful oxyflower design created by Artist Kirstie MacLeod.  The stunning oxyflower is inspired by the molecular structure of Oxytocin-a hormone that induces feelings of well-being, connection and relaxation, enhancing these feelings in both the child and the mother.  The T is also made from ethically certified 100% Organic Cotton.

The T feels so soft and lovely on, you can feel the difference with it being made from a great quality cotton.  As for sizing for a size 16 the large fits perfectly.  The T has a flattering cut and a neckline that is importantly easy for breastfeeding.  The print is gorgeous, both a pretty and cool design that tells an amazing story.  It feels such a cool T to wear and to appreciate the message behind it is even cooler.

Human Milk clothing is unique, beautiful and fascinating.   The quality and captivating designs reflect the message that breastmilk is truly staggering stuff.

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* As they have been so popular, if any designs are out of stock they are reprinting and will be back in stock approx. 12th Aug, you can also register for stock alerts!

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