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Harkel is a new brand with a hint of vintage, oodles of exciting designs, a pinch of quirkiness and a whole lot of vibrance and fun!  These bold exciting designs include breastfeeding friendly numbers, what’s not to love?

And we have AM-A-ZING news from Harkel -after being suggested by CIBII they have actually added dedicated breastfeeding pages to their website which is absolutely brilliant news! Even easier shopping for breastfeeding mums 🙌🏼 Thank you Harkel!

Harkel told Can I Breastfeed In It…..

“Breastfeeding Mums are doing a fabulous job and they deserve fabulous clothes to do it in! Harkel is all about expressing your personality and having fun with your style, and breastfeeding needn’t change that. We have many styles that are suited to breastfeeding, with accessibility for little ones and great style with playful detailing for Mum”

Harkel fun and bold clothing has been popping up all over social media so we thought we should check out their clothes to share with you!  Read on to check out their breastfeeding ease, sizing, quality and fun factor!  And find out why we are loving the Harkel vibe-bold, playful, affordable and totally wearable!

So Over-All This Dungarees 


These gorgeous dungarees caught my eye straight away on the Harkel website!  I do love dungarees but this style is a bit different, a bit quirky!  They’re vintage inspired with a fitted type trouser, small bib, buckle straps and crossover back but with a really modern feel too.  There’s 3 side buttons at the hip for ease of dressing. There are also lovely functional side pockets and a front bib pocket. 

I’m used to wearing much baggier style dungarees so these feel very different!  I love them though, they are super comfy to wear!  The family approval test- my mother-in-law is very approving of the fit and thinks they’re much more flattering on than my usual style!  After wearing them for a while they make me really want to purchase some corduroy trousers now too!  They’re just so comfortable and pleasant to wear.  The pockets are a good size for those awkward standing-about-what-do-I-do-with-my-hands moments.  No fake/tiny pockets here!



The fabric is a velvety soft corduroy, made of 98% cotton and 2% elastane.  I would say it’s more of a winter/autumn weight, these would be too thick for a warm summer.  The dungarees are a lovely rich burgundy colour, not dull brown here!



I would say the fit is quite true to size, to slightly generous as the fabric has some stretch for comfort.  I would go by the measurements in the size guide on the website.  I’m usually a 12-14, the size guide put me between a 14 and 16 and the 14 ended up being my best fit.  Lengthwise I have rolled them up at the cuffs as they are quite long, but I quite like the rolled look anyway!  This does mean they would be suitable for taller ladies (I’m 5″6 for reference).



It’s a well sewn quality item, however I did manage to break one of the belt loops sadly when I was pulling off a tag, my own fault so please be more careful than me!


Breastfeeding Access

These are definitely easy access!  You can unbuckle a strap or the bib is small enough to easily pull aside to breastfeed.  These dungarees suit more of a fitted top underneath, so perhaps a b-shirt type top, fitted button up shirt or a v neck you can pull down to feed would be easiest.  I think as the sides aren’t very high and the bib is somewhat narrow I wouldn’t pull up a top to feed like I sometimes do as it may be a bit chilly.  Although a vest underneath would sort that!  I wore a v neck top and pulled it down for breastfeeding access.  I pulled the bib aside but my toddler soon wanted access to both boobs so I unbuckled and folded the bib down and it was pretty simple!


Go and buy some of these dungarees and live your 70’s retro dreams!  Harkel please make these in other colours as I would love more! Purple would be ace if you take requests!

Click here to buy So Over-All This Dungarees

Starry Eyed Fit & Flirt Dress


The quirky pattern on this dress was the first thing to catch my eye, I am a huge fan of a fun print!  It’s a pretty fit and flare dress style, with a collar, buttons to the waist and cuffed long sleeves. 

I really love how this looks on – it’s slightly loose and not clingy, it skims nicely over the tummy.  It swishes nicely and flares when you give it a twirl!  I love the long cuffs on the sleeves, they give it a classy look!  I’d definitely wear this for a party or occasion, or it would look really cute for lunch with friends or even for work with black ballet flats or brogues.



I just adore this print.  There are little stars, moons and faces in sunflower yellow on a black background.  There are chunky yellow star buttons that are about the cutest thing I ever saw!  They are a little stiff to undo because they aren’t round but it’s worth it because they are just so fabulous!  And the benefit is you are much less likely to have buttons popping open. 

The fabric is 100% polyester.  It does have a slightly slick feel to it which I wasn’t sure of at first but actually it’s quite nice and smooth (it’s described as “heavy matte sateen” on the website) and I think it will be a really tough wearing dress-Harkel dresses are designed to be worn and loved!  It’s a good thickness, not see through or too flimsy.



I would say this is a smaller fitting item going by my usual high street size, but going by the measurements on the website should steer you right.  I originally tried on a size 16 and it fitted nicely as a slightly baggy style, but on trying the 14 I much preferred it a bit more fitted.  I also found that the 16 had drastically longer sleeves, which may cause an issue if you’re a shorter curvier lady. I’m 5”6 and I wouldn’t recommend for anyone shorter than myself in the 16 plus.  The 14 though was a perfect length sleeve. 

The buttons didn’t gape at my chest which does often happen to me, although I felt a slight tightness at the back and shoulders that perhaps smaller chested ladies wouldn’t!

It fits to just above the knee on me at 5”6.



As with the dungarees this is a well made item, well sewn and tailored using quality materials.  I feel it hangs extremely nicely and is a flattering fit on. I feel like this is a dress that would be durable and not prone to damage, it would be good value as I could see it lasting for years and years.


Breastfeeding Access

As mentioned above the buttons are slightly stiff but still easy enough to undo to breastfeed.  You do need to undo all the buttons as it doesn’t button all the way down.  I know some prefer to undo from the bottom or middle and leave the top buttons done up for a more discreet feed, it wasn’t possible for me to do this but perhaps may be possible for smaller chested ladies.  It would be easy enough to pop a bandeau or crop top underneath the dress if you wanted more coverage. 


This is a gorgeous dress.  I feel very feminine and flirty twirling about in it, yet the quirky print gives it a bit of a cool edge!  Definitely getting a feel for the Harkel style and liking it!

Click here to buy Starry Eyed Fit & Flirt Dress 

Buckle Up Pleated Dress


This dress definitely has a hint of vintage but with a modern vibrancy that is the Harkel style!  I loved the look of this dress with its pleat detail, contrast trim and lush belt, loads of breastfeeding wearing potential!

The dress fabric feels incredibly soft to touch-really nice quality, and has lovely soft pleats at the front and the back that fall from just below the shoulder.  There is a full length under skirt to the dress so it hangs very nicely rather than clings. 


The chest has four violet buttons which easily gives your boob access and the buttons are not too small and fiddly-great for when in a rush with screaming little ones!


I am 5ft 5 and I really like the length of this dress, not too short for chasing toddling children but still above the knee, it would definitely look great on both shorter and taller mums than myself, the dress also has a dipped hem at the back as a little quirky style feature.

The dress could be worn without the belt easily (especially if you have had a good Christmas!) however I do think the belt makes the dress.


There are no belt hooks so the belt can be fastened where comfiest. There are only a couple of belt holes so no long trailing belt end to contend with, however only three holes to choose from.  The belt is made from the same soft fabric as the dress and the belt buckle colour matches the necktie colour, a nice dusky violet colour, I do love the contrast colour details against the cosmic blue!


I am usually a size 8 and this size 8 fits fine, if anything it is slightly on the smaller side around the arms, I suggest you don’t size down.  However the belt can obviously gather in the waist to the correct size to fit and there is loads of space for boobs!  (Check the sizing guide to make sure you get the correct size)

I reckon this dress suits all sorts of boobing wardrobe demands, with trainers for the nursery run or health centre visits, or with heels for a meal out or Christening, this is definitely a dress you can get lots of breastfeeding wear and beyond from!  As Harkel say-no saving for special occasions!

I am loving this dress, it is both fun and wearable, a fabulous dress for any occasion you can throw at it!  An excellent quality, affordably priced and playful dress for breastfeeding that will definitely be worn and worn and worn!

Click here to buy Buckle Up Pleated Dress


An Apple A Day Shirt


I just love this bright and bold shirt!  You cant help but smile and feel like the sun is shining in this shirt.  I love a bit of colour and there is absolutely no need to wear muted shades or blend in when nursing! I love the vibrant yellow, the fun apple print and the striking red striped contrast neck tie and cuffs.  Another vintage hint from Harkel.  The neck tie doesn’t get in the way of the boob access at all and I love that quirky style!  There are little loops under the collar to hold the tie in place (very helpful if you are like me and prone to lose it at the bottom of the wardrobe!)


A shirt is so easy for boob access, don’t forget when unfastening you don’t have to unfasten from the top either, just the middle buttons might be enough!


Shirts are a brilliant breastfeeding choice because as well as wearing on their own with jeans or skirt, wear under dungas or a pinafore dress or even add a vest underneath if you prefer.  Wear a bold shirt with a simple pair of jeans for a cool breastfeeding mum style.  The buttons on this shirt are neatly hidden behind the placket, giving a smarter, sleeker style.


This shirt is a bit shorter than I would normally choose but when on it is absolutely fine as it can still easily be tucked into jeans no problem. This is a size 8 and it fits like a size 8, don’t size down at all as the size isn’t on the generous side (do check the sizing guides).


The fabric has a crepe feel to it which actually feels nice and lightweight, it also has a little stretch and movement to it too.  Sometimes shirts can feel a bit snug for moving about so this is extremely comfortable to wear as a boobing mum.

This shirt is lush- I absolutely love its bright and quirky print, it definitely brings a smile to my face and adds a bounce to my step!  Loving these zesty, different designs from Harkel that really do seem to add brightness to your day!

Click here to buy An Apple A Day Shirt


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