Golden B Top – Review

2018-06-21 12.40.38

How Golden is Golden B?  

Sophie Titchmarsh only established the brand in March this year and is a trained tailor and costumier.  I have to say it was this fact that made me want one of her tops, to see if I could tell the difference on the fit, and also I love the peacock print.  I can be partial to one good quality, well fitting, item of clothing over a couple of “cheaper” less well made items! 

When a gold coloured parcel arrived I realised it must be my Golden B top. Inside my top was nicely folded and wrapped with the simple, tidy Golden B tag and label. 

2018-06-21 12.50.32

The top is very neatly made and well finished.  The material feels a lovely quality, it hangs very well and is so light and comfortable on.

I decided to first wear my top on Open Farm Sunday which was a gorgeous, hot, sunny day.  The top did actually make me feel good and also effortlessly smart (I can too often go for a very relaxed look!)  I wore it with a pair of cream Firetrap wide leg trousers and Sainsbury’s  strappy flat sandals.  

I have to admit I wasn’t sure about the panel on the front as that is not my usual style but I didn’t notice it and neither did my husband who never normally misses a trick!  Underneath the panel it is extremely neat and well detailed, if anything you might argue you don’t need the front section. The top was obviously ideal for feeding, spot on.

As well as being a roasting hot day, I also ended up carrying the baby.  The material kept me really cool and comfortable and it sounds a bit odd, but I couldn’t even tell I was wearing it.  Nothing worse than baby carrying and you both ending up, hot, sticky and uncomfortable!


2018-06-20 22.58.29

In summary all is looking golden!  Lovely material and fit, smart print, very well made and of course British made.  Just hope Sophie can use her skills and knowledge to produce more designs to add to her brand – no pressure then!


*this is my own non-sponsored review of the top.

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