Hi… House of Hurrah

House of Hurrah make cool and comfortable breastfeeding clothes, think bold stars and animal print!  We interview owner and founder Penny, read on to find out more about their handmade and OEKO-TEX approved fabrics, the benefits of locally made clothing, their signature styles and also the “Hurrah” moment!

Describe House of Hurrah in 5 words?

Fun Comfortable Sustainable Easy-to-wear Feel-good

Describe the House of Hurrah breastfeeding mum?

The House of Hurrah breastfeeding mum is any mum! She wants to feel comfortable, but feel like herself, whilst feeding her baby. She is navigating the challenges and triumphs of motherhood and breastfeeding in her own way, and at the moment, is adapting to life with her little one in a very strange world. She is an absolute warrior for giving birth, or for growing a baby during a global pandemic, and she is deserving of a treat for herself. The House of Hurrah breastfeeding mum is supporting small business, and hopefully, we are supporting her breastfeeding journey in return!

What can breastfeeding parents expect from House of Hurrah?

Breastfeeding mums can expect feeding friendly clothing that is cool and comfortable from House of Hurrah. They can expect fun designs and prints to challenge the often frumpy (and limited!) breastfeeding friendly clothing available on the high street. We are all about animal print here…who isnt?! We hope our designs slot into your postpartum wardrobe, and offer something a little more ‘you’.
You can also now buy gorgeous teething accessories on our website too – hurrah!

How did House of Hurrah come into being, why did you start up your own breastfeeding clothing brand?

I have always been a creative person, and I have known for a long time that I wanted to run my own business. The idea for House of Hurrah came about when my nephew was born. My sister was a first time mum, and a breastfeeding mum. She wanted to wear clothes that were feeding friendly, but everything seemed to be striped, floral or frumpy. Nothing made her feel like herself, and it was important at that time for her to feel good in what she was wearing. I decided that if we couldn’t buy what she was looking for, that I would design and make it myself! So I designed our first sweatshirt, and found our wonderful suppliers, and the brand was born!

Where did the name come from?

The brand name actually came from a cake topper I bought (bizarre connection, I know) and the idea that I wanted to help new mums have a ‘hurrah mama’ moment. A lot of our customers feed in public for the first time wearing our tops, and I think that’s definitely a hurrah moment!

Tell us more about your manufacturing, is it right all your clothing is handmade in the UK?

Yes! House of Hurrah is a very small business, and all of our garments are made by hand in the UK by a small team of skilled women. We use separate small businesses for printing, and fabric cutting too. We are really proud that we are part of this tiny, but important supply chain. We know everyone who works with our garments by name, which we think is pretty rare, and pretty special.

We chose to manufacture in the UK because it felt right to know exactly where our garments come from. It felt good that we could pop over to our factory and have a chat with the women who make our tops. If we need to check out a colour for printing, we can nip to the printers and test some out. Its amazing! We have learnt so much about how clothing is made, and admire those involved in the finished product so much. Also, our fabric is OEKO-TEX approved, meaning it has been produced ethically and fairly, and it is kind to skin

It feels like we really know our clothes, if that makes sense. By manufacturing locally we have control over the process, and it’s really great to feel close to it, and part of it.

Tell us a bit about you and your background?

Hello! I’m Penny, and I live in beautiful Lincoln with my husband and our baby girl. I have always loved fashion and design, but I didn’t take that route in my education or career. I studied Geography at university, and then went into a marketing job in Higher Education.
Outside of work, I have loved renovating our home, and I’m obsessed with interior design. We are just about finished now, with the final project being our spare room which will hopefully be finished for Christmas time!
I love travelling, and my favourite place in the world to be on holiday is Port de Soller in Mallorca. Its our special place and we can’t wait to return when we can!

Is it right you have just added to your own family again and so will most definitely be wearing your own breastfeeding tops, tees and dresses? Congratulations!

Yes! Our little girl, Annie, is now six months old! She is amazing, and she is becoming such a little character now. We feel very lucky to have her. My breastfeeding journey with her was very tough in the beginning, but we have come through it, and now I’m delighted to be able to wear our tops with pride!


Describe your own personal style?

I’d say I have quite a relaxed style. I love a jumper and a pair of mom jeans, with some converse. I’m also a massive fan of patterned leggings (usually leopard print) for a comfortable look. I feel like I haven’t got dressed up to go out for so long, but I like a midi dress and a bold lip colour for a night out! I say night out…but I mean a few drinks, and dinner, then bed!

What is your favourite piece in your collection?

Gosh, that is such a tough question. Possibly our new sweatshirt with the pink and red zebra star! The print colours are very ‘me’ and I love the pop of colour on the grey marl sweatshirt. I love everything though, and wear our whole collection. Our leopard dress is also fab with a cardi, tights and DM style boots at this time of year.

What inspires you to design your clothing?

I think I very much design based on what I would like to wear. I design styles that I would buy normally, and want to be able to wear the same clothing whilst breastfeeding. I want mums to have access to clothing that is cool and comfortable – not just practical!

My breastfeeding journey also continues to inspire my designs. I find our tops so usable – the lift flap design is so convenient and means no skin is exposed to the chilly air at the moment! I have tried other styles of feeding top, but (although I am biased) nothing compares!

What do you feel has been House of Hurrah’s greatest achievement so far?

As a small business, I feel like every order is an achievement. It genuinely feels so good when my phone pings, and I know someone has invested in one of our tops! When we first launched, I could never have imagined that we’d have such an amazing collection now. I think it is a massive achievement that we have been able to continue adding to our range, which is testament too to our wonderful customers who continue to spread the word about this little brand!

Do you have more collections planned and do they feature your now signature bold star designs?

Yes, the star designs have become our signature look, along with animal prints. You can definitely expect more in similar designs! We also love our fully printed leopard fabrics, so hopefully we will be able to do more with those…watch this space!

Any advice you want to offer breastfeeding mums?

I think to breastfeeding mums who are finding it hard, and to expectant mums, my biggest piece of advice would be that breastfeeding DOES get easier. I found it extremely tough to begin with. It took a long time to get our latch right, as Annie has a tongue tie, and I found it incredibly painful. I remember lots of crying, worrying about how much Annie was getting and wondering how on earth I would EVER do anything outside of our home if we continued to breastfeed. Six months later, I feed on demand, anywhere. It really is so special and I’m really proud that we’ve been able to get to this point. If you find it hard, ask for help, and if you can, just keep going as you will turn a corner eventually. That said, I would never, ever judge anyone who chose not to breastfeed, or had to stop for whatever reason.

Thank you!

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House of Hurrah

Leopard Print T-Shirt

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House of Hurrah

Leopard Print Star Sweatshirt

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Handmade in the UK with a hidden layer underneath the front panel for easy access feeding! This is a cosy fleecy sweatshirt made from OEKO-TEX approved fabric.

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House of Hurrah

Pink/red Zebra Star Sweatshirt

From £40.00

Handmade in the UK with bold star detail, this super cosy fleecy and OEKO-TEX approved fabric sweatshirt has a lift the panel design for easy feeding access.

Size range: S, M, L
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