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Chic and Discreet Breastfeeding Tee Review

Chic and Discreet Breastfeeding Tee Review

Chic and Discreet is a small business with all clothing designed and made by a cool London based mum, Chaneen, soon to become a tandem feeder!  We check out one of her signature leopard print breastfeeding tees!


Today I’m reviewing a breastfeeding top from Chic and Discreet.  It’s a fairly basic black short sleeved crew neck t-shirt which features a square leopard print front panel.  Pull the panel towards the middle and there is a zip either side for breastfeeding access.


I’ve had zip-access feeding tops before and found either the zips were too short and it was difficult to fit my whole breast out, or that the zippers were in the wrong place meaning you need to move the top about to get the zip into the right place (or grow some boobs in your armpits!).  Thankfully this top is well designed and has neither of these issues-the zippers are long and well placed.  I’m also easily able to keep the zips away from my baby’s face so he is comfortable!  No scratches or zippers imprinted on his little chubby cheeks which I think can be a potential hazard of any zippered nursing clothing.


I found it supremely easy to feed in this top.  Not so easy to take a picture of this for you, as my little one kept latching off to look at the camera!  The leopard print panel can be pulled over the breast to make it a very discreet feed (although maybe not if you have a serial unlatcher like me!).


Although I don’t tandem, I imagine this top would be excellent for tandem feeding.  I tried the top with both breasts out and there wasn’t too much material gathered in the middle, so I feel it would be a comfortable feed for tandem nursers.


The top is 95% cotton, lovely and soft, with a bit of spandex for stretch.  I also found the sizing nice and generous for a relaxed fit.  I like that the top is a little loose and flattering on my mum tum, however if you like a tight fitting top, size down.  The length is good, it didn’t cover my bum completely but was an adequate length.  The only slight downside I found was I wasn’t sure if I liked the “hang” of the panel from the side.


 I did quite like putting my hands in it as if it was a big pocket though!


The leopard print is fun and a nice change from the boring vests and plain nursing tops I’ve been living in!  It looks fab with skinny jeans, flats, and a biker jacket, or even dress it up with a statement necklace and heels.

This is a well designed, comfortable top. It is very easy to feed in, and would be of particular interest to tandem feeders!

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*This is my own unsponsored post and comments on the product

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