Of all my Christmas traditions from childhood, a new pair of pyjamas on Christmas Eve remains one of my favourite. It was my mother’s favourite technique to get me ready for bed without any argument that I wanted to wait up for Santa. I still enjoy getting something new and knowing I am able to wear it on Christmas morning for the present opening.

We get many requests for nightwear suggestions on the group, but there are so many options on the high street that the answer is usually just to go for a browse.

In the summer the most common breastfeeding options are vest tops and shorts/trousers. Whether these are specific nursing vests or not is personal preference, but I am fond of ones with support, to keep breast pads in place if nothing else. Debenhams have a range of nightwear called Gorgeous DD+ and this set is in the range.


Debenhams Gorgeous DD+

Strappy nightdresses or this playsuit from H&M are also ideal when the evenings are still warm.


H&M Playsuit

In the depths of winter though I notice the cold in my shoulders, which are exposed by the night feeds, which is why I prefer long sleeves. My extreme laziness means I use button front tops and leave the top few buttons undone, because, so any button front tops will do. This set from Florence&Fred at Tesco (currently £7 down from £14) are in a Christmas theme.

F&F Happy Holiday Pyjamas with Gift Bag

F&F Happy Holiday Pyjamas with Gift Bag

Of course it is difficult to talk about pyjamas without mentioning M&S. The have sold PJs as coordinating separates. Ideal if you find you need tops and bottoms in different sizes. This year though, they have pyjama shorts the you can combine with a long sleeved top. Ideal for the nights when the duvet keeps your legs snug but you need your arms are holding your breasting baby. But I came across a bargain in H&M. Although £14.99 online they were £7 in store and yes the buttons are real and the material stretchy so easy to whip a boob out.


H&M PJs covers the parts your duvet doesn’t

In recent years I have become a fan of the traditional flannel nightshirt and Next have one with a handy button opening.

Flannel can be still be sexy.

Flannel can be still be sexy.

If you doubt my promise that flannel is attractive M&S does a similar style in cotton jersey.


M&S cotton nightdress

If you want to go upmarket, Charlotte Keating offers specially designed night nursing wear so you don’t have to go ‘over the top’ to feed at night. The fabric is super soft too so all the more alluring to make that night’s sleep as pleasant as possible, given that your baby is going through a leap and waking ALL THE TIME.

2 piece maternity PJ set

So I can promise you there are lots of breastfeeding friendly nightclothes out there. I can’t promise that you won’t still spend the night playing tug of war with your partner of the duvet.

Merry Christmas to you from us at Can I Breastfeed in it UK.

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