YES! ? Yes I can thanks to the wonderful designs from Billy Bums! I have been longing to buy some stuff from Billy Bums for a while now…and once the post-Xmas payslip had arrived, I seized the opportunity!

This will be an honest review (as with all others). I have not been paid to write this.

I don’t know what it is about rainbows… But wearing them just put me in the BEST mood. The ultimate colour scheme for the colour fanatic who can’t just ‘pick one or two’.

I decided to go all out and get the nursing dress AND underwear set.

Rainbow Undies:

Bra: £26           Pants: £14

First of all, let’s check out the underwear… Most importantly the soft bra!!

I am wearing the large cup bra and large pants (I’m a size 16 and 34J/36H cup bra).  
When I first tried the bra, I thought “oh god it’s going to be too small isn’t it? ?”. But then I did some boob reshuffling and reached a comfortable and flattering fit. The fabric is really versatile and stretchy (yet supportive) so easy to get a boob out at a moment’s notice (which is very important when you have a toddler going through a growth spurt, like I’m currently experiencing!).

I would highly recommend this bra for anyone, lactating or not. Although I really wish I had this in my son’s early days when my boobs where fluctuating between boulders and saddle bags (before my supply regulated!). It’s a great bra to keep you supported yet lets you feed your baby without drama. In those first few months, it’s worth buying a couple of these to live in, day and night! They would definitely double up well as sleep bras too! Plenty of room in there for breastpads as well.

The pants are also a bit of a marvel. They come high enough to hold in my post-birth ‘pouch’ but remain comfortable without ‘digging in’ anywhere. No VPL’s as far as I could see either! I can’t find a negative point. The only thing I would advise is don’t go down a size if you are between sizes.

The Nursing Dress:

This £65 dress has very pleasantly surprised me. I was recommended the size 14 if I wanted it to be a bit more ‘fitted’ (usually wear 16s, mainly due to my large bust). Was worried it might be too tight but fits perfectly. Comes in at the points I want it to and the rainbow panels on the hips give a slimming illusion. It’s nice and stretchy. The dark fabric keeps it flattering and teams up with the rainbow to make the whole thing look AWESOME! There’s also a bonus pouch in the front for putting your phone/muslins/tv remote etc into.And yes, as demonstrated here, I can very much breastfeed in it. The bust panel lifts up (you can lift it so you can access to one or both so great for solo and tandem feeding) and reveals just enough boob for baby to put their mouths AND hands on (if you have a boobs that double up as comforters). Once you’ve lifted up the panel, it stays up without slipping back which is a bonus.

Here is the nursing panel demonstrated with the rainbow soft bra underneath (for added rainbow effect).

To sum up, I have just found my favourite outfit. I’m praying that Billy Bums will produce a summer version of this. It’s nice not having to wear a V neck wrap style top/dress for a change. Super duper easy to breastfeed in. Size down if you like a tighter fit or order your current size if you prefer a more comfortable fit. The quality of the fabric and design really makes the price worth it. Not to mention supporting a fellow WAHM!

The bra is well worth getting. Particularly if you are a new mum and in the early days of breastfeeding. A worthwhile investment that will last you beyond your breastfeeding journey. Might as well get those pants whilst you’re at it too ?


Rainbow Dress = 9.5/10*

Rainbow Bra = 10/10

Rainbow Pants = 10/10

*The only reason I didn’t give 10 is because it’s not affordable to all. In my opinion it’s worth the money paid for what you get. Use that money you’ve saved by breastfeeding and not having to buy formula ?. WAHM’s will never be able to compete with the high street clothing manufacturers when it comes to price, it’s just not feasible. As a mum you know how priceless time is, well dresses like these take a LOT of time to create. We need to support these fellow mamas when we can! ✌️

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