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Bshirt – The “B” All and End All

You have probably seen the BShirt mentioned in Can I Breastfeed In It? as a staple breastfeeding top, we check out where it originated from and whether it is the “essential”  people claim it to be!


The Bshirt is a social venture co-founded by two mums, Lisa Lessware and Philippa Doyle, who live in glorious Devon where they are raising their fun-loving families.  As an NCT trained Breastfeeding Peer Supporter, Lisa volunteered at her local Sure Start Centre for three years, counselling new mothers on breastfeeding issues.  She often suggested to women that they cut holes in a T-shirt to wear as an undershirt, she herself had found it to be a great solution when she fed both her sons.  Many people remarked to Lisa that her suggestion helped them to breastfeed for longer than they had initially hoped.


Eventually Lisa started making breastfeeding undershirts for friends and one day she showed her creation to Philippa.  Philippa loved the idea but wondered if there was a way to make the breastfeeding tops so that they could even be worn on their own, say  if the mother got too hot and wanted to take off her top layer.  Lisa and Philippa spent 2015 and 2016 perfecting the designs of their breastfeeding vest, which is unique in the market, before launching in March 2017.


Philippa and Lisa are not only passionate about their clothing but also passionate about increasing breastfeeding rates in the UK.   They appreciate that breastfeeding is not easy, in particular for new mums who may not feel so confident and need help and support.  They designed the BShirt to be able to give mums that confidence when feeding their little ones.  The Bshirt aims to help mums feel like themselves by being able to wear their favourite pre-pregnancy clothes, they believe a woman needn’t give up her personal identity simply because she has become a mother.  Also by being able to wear your favourite clothes you are not having to a buy a new wardrobe for breastfeeding.


The Bshirt has no fiddly fastenings, zips or poppers to negotiate and is designed to be worn as a thin vest top underneath your favourite clothes or worn on it’s own.  The BShirt is ethically made with organic cotton for that luxury and comfortable feel against your and your little ones skin.   The BShirt has also won several awards including a Gold winner in the MadeForMums Award 2018.

BShirt intend to develop their breastfeeding clothes brand further, offering different weight fabrics and styles.

We at Can I Breastfeed In It? are pleased to be able to share the exciting news they are bringing out a new range of long sleeve tops this Autumn which we look forward to sharing with you!

Profits from the sale of the Bshirt will be donated to established UK charities that support breastfeeding women.  Setting an example to brands about improving the lives of mothers and babies rather than exploiting them.  BShirt also runs campaigns where Bshirts are donated to women who are statistically less likely to breastfeed and who are struggling with feeding in public.  Great positive support for breastfeeding!


Lift The Flap BShirt

The BShirt Lift the Flap top gets mentioned on our Facebook group pretty regularly and I was keen to see if it is the essential breastfeeding item that many people claim it to be.

The nursing access is different to other specific nursing clothes I have as there is not a v or wrap underneath the front panel, purely two round holes for nursing access.  On looking at the design it actually seems very simple and obvious, but it works so well!  As soon as you lift the front panel there is access to the milk makers without having to negotiate any extra pieces of material.  The front panel can’t even be noticed on the black top at least, due to the edge of the panel sitting neatly under the cleavage.  The panel also has a neat little lace detail along the edge.

2018-09-06 22.43.43

The top is true to size, not too snug to feel tight or loose to lose its shape and feels a flattering fit.  The vest top has a scoop neckline to the front which is a nice shape for wearing the vest on its own.  The BShirt also works well for wearing under clothes, in particular those pre baby clothes you wouldn’t necessarily have said could be breastfeedng friendly.  The BShirt also has a little scoop neck at the back which makes it more versatile than a high back top.  The top fits nicely around the arms too so no nursing bras peeping out or catching under your arm.  The length is a flattering longer length that covers your waist and top of any trousers.

2018-09-06 22.06.37

The organic cotton the top is made from is a really soft stretchy fabric that does feel very comfortable on.  I can see how people who have a BShirt then go on to buy it in a range of colours as it is just so easy to use.  A black and a white vest are almost essentials in everyone’s wardrobe.  It looks good worn on its own but also works well with existing clothing that are maybe not so breastfeeding friendly and adds a bit more coverage to the boobs.  This top is also ideal for feeding when baby wearing too due to the absolute ease of access to the boobs.

2018-09-06 22.07.18

I also have worn the BShirt as a vest for nightwear as it is so comfortable, soft and gives great easy nursing access during the night.  Maybe nightwear/loungewear could be next on the launch list?!

The BShirt is available in 8 colours, from black and white to Red Sky at Night and Seashell Pink.  As much as it may seem an obvious design, it works so well, the fit and material also help this feel more than a simple vest top.  Since getting my BShirt I have worn it with just about everything, under shirts, jumpers, dresses, cardies, I have found it extremely useful and am going to add more colour options to my wardrobe!


BShirt Hide and Seek

A new limited edition design is the Hide and Seek BShirt-when they are gone they are gone!

The Hide and Seek breastfeeding vest top has a cross over design with an inner panel that stays up when you pull the cross over panels down. It looks like a normal vest top and can be worn on it’s own or for layering.

The Hide and Seek nursing vest is ethically made with organic cotton (95% organic cotton, 5% lycra).  This style in available in Devon Mist, Sunset Red and Black.


BShirt Washable Breastfeeding Pads

The Bshirt breastfeeding pads are washable and reusable, great absorption and environmentally friendly.  They have an absorbent core and waterproof outer layer using organic cotton and bamboo to be kind to your skin too.  You can also get a lovely little neat bag to keep them in, and there are rainbow color pads available too!


Outfit of the Week

Discreet Bowtique
Sally Dress
From £36.00

This perfect fitting dress is made of a lovely jersey fabric with a double layer and hidden slits for feeding. In turquoise, purple, grey, black, navy blue.

Size range: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18