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Boohoo clothing has become so popular amongst our breastfeeding mums- stylish, breastfeeding friendly and very well priced! If you want an outfit for mum meet ups, an occasion or just to feel a bit glam Boohoo should be at the top of your list. Whilst the quality of the fabrics and finish may be what you would expect for the price, they do look great and you really can find something that is bang on trend and of course breastfeeding friendly.

We have found some new gorgeous numbers for you we are sure will become new Hot Favourites from jumpsuits to ruffles and florals and also road tested some of the group Boohoo faves, who can forget the off the shoulder midi dress!

Cap Sleeve Floral Midaxi Dress


Everyone needs a floral midi dress, this one ticks so many on trend stylish boxes! The wrap front allows boob access, it is not such a low v front as perhaps some other Boohoo dresses so no boob tube or top required underneath.

The dress has a zipped back and there are a couple of pleats from the waist as the skirt falls to a midi length at the front. The hem is a dipped style at the back – trend box ticked! I wasn’t sure about the dip style but it really does add something more to the the dress than if it was a standard level hem. I am 5ft 5 and couldn’t wear this dress with flats and the hem not skim the ground, heels it is!


The navy floral print is so pretty-another box ticked. The fabric has a satin finish, it is fairly thin but it does look great and feels nice on. Also when seen from under the skirt you do see the floral pattern which is nice as I personally don’t like it when you see a plain white back to the fabric.

The cap sleeves are cute with little pleats. The dress also has a fabric belt to finish the dress off nicely, with matching fabric belt loops.  I am a size 8 and this dress fits nicely.

This is definitely destined to be a group Hot Favourite this year, as well as one of my own!

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Star Wrap Tea Dress


Love the cute star print on this dress! There’s also an adorable heart print that is very similar! There’s pretty ruffles at the neckline and hem, and flattering draped sleeves. It’s made of a stretchy material and the wrap front is easily pulled down to breastfeed.


This dress is SHORT! It’s definitely a bum flasher on my 5ft 6 but I think it looks great with black leggings as a long top, with ankle boots! If you’re petite it will be a mini length. It comes in red, navy and black colourways, and red and black in the heart print.


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Off The Shoulder Wide Leg Jumpsuit


As per its midi dress cousin, this jumpsuit can be worn with the shoulders pretty much where you like and feel most comfortable! On your shoulder to cover bra straps or off the shoulder with a boob tube or bra less! The jumpsuit has a wrap front and the woven type fabric is stretchy so you can easily get boobs out!


It is a nice flattering shaped wrap front that doesn’t gape and gives a nice cleavage line.  The jumpsuit silhouette is also given by an elasticated high waist band. I am a size 8 and this was a little snug, I would have felt more comfortable I think in a 10 with a longer body.

The woven type fabric is a nice thickness and also has fabric ties each side of the waist to be fastened across the front.  I also like a  3/4 sleeve and these are elasticated at the cuff.

Across the back the jumpsuit still covers bra straps or a bandeau and if the sleeves are worn on the shoulder the back neckline is square across the back.

There are no zips so you simply step into this jumpsuit which is easy with the fabric stretch!  It is available in white, black and mustard.

This jumpsuit does feel glamorous and could easily be worn for weddings with a bit of bling, great priced jumpsuit!

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Off The Shoulder Taper Leg Jumpsuit


The tapered leg jumpsuit is as per the wide leg but I personally prefer this style.  The leg length looks great and this slim leg style really made me feel like an extra in Grease!  Again I would size up to a 10 just for the body length but I really love this look!


Easy boob access with the nice wrap and fabric stretch!  Again sleeves that can be worn on or off the shoulders, even off the shoulders they can hide a bra strap underneath!  This jumpsuit is also available in white and mustard.


There is a high elasticated waist and fabric tie to give the jumpsuit its shape, this is a comfortable and occasion (and date night!) ready jumpsuit!

Click here to buy Off Shoulder Taper Leg Jumpsuit


Woven Button Detail Smock Dress


This chic smock dress hides a multitude of cake related sins! I like the way it drapes loosely over my figure. It features long cuffed sleeves and a button front to the waist. The buttons are the sort with little elastic loops – easy enough to undo with two hands but not one if your baby is a handful!


This dress is a nice length – well above the knee but not in wardrobe malfunction territory! It’s a lightweight almost matte satin type fabric. It is a generous fit. It comes in cranberry and apricot shades. It’s pretty versatile – I wore it to toddler group with chunky boots and leggings and felt pretty glam in a casual way, but you could easily pop heels and sparkly accessories on to dress it up!

Click here to buy Woven Button Detail Smock Dress


Off The Shoulder Midi Wrap Dress


This dress has been a MASSIVE hit in our Facebook group!  The off the shoulder wrap midi dress is made from a warm woven fabric that feels comfortable on. The wrap front gives very easy access for nursing and the wrap is not as low as some other Boohoo dresses- so you can wear a bra no problem.

The shoulders can be worn on or off the shoulder, or in between if you are indecisive like me!

The dress has a high elasticated waist to help define the shape of the dress. The dress also has two ties at the side to tie across the front.

The blouson sleeves have a wider cuff rather than just elasticated which is a neater detail. The skirt sits on my knee (5ft 5) and is a pencil shape but hasenough stretch for walking in!  I am a size 8 and this is snug fit, I could size up and still feel comfortable.

The dress looks smart and feels nice to wear, an amazing value occasion dress that is available in 12 different shades!

Click here to buy Off The Shoulder Midi Wrap Dress


Off The Shoulder Midi Wrap Bodycon Dress


The bodycon wrap off the shoulder dress is the same as the previous but just a fit of a snugger fit!  There is really not much different in style, I kept swapping back and forth to check and I think the bodycon is just a slightly more snug fit but the main style details are the same.  The dress shows off your bottom, make sure you wear the right knickers!


Again a nice wrap for easy boob access.

A great value dress, can definitely see why this style has been a Hot Favourite!

Click here to buy Off The Shoulder Midi Wrap Bodycon Dress


Paisley Print Tie Front Skater Dress


This quirky skater dress has kooky 70s vibes, and I love it! It’s super vibrant in real life, the paisley patterns really pop! The colour in my pictures is more true to the real colours than the website pictures. The dress boasts blouson sleeves and a tie front that cinches you in, in quite a flattering way! The fabric isn’t stretchy but you just undo the front tie and there’s loads of room to get your boobs out!


The length is above the knee. It is a generous fit, there’s a fair bit of fabric, especially in the sleeves. I liked the feel of all the fabric swinging about, swish swish swish! If you’re not a shrinking violet and don’t mind making a statement, then this is the dress for you!

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Red Ruffle Dress


Boohoo have some gorgeous ruffle dresses! This one is such a versatile wrap ruffle dress.  The whole dress is a wrap, not just a wrap front, and has a fabric tie to pull it all together. Breastfeeding access is definitely easy!  The wrap on the front can be pulled tighter with the tie, it is fairly low cut so if you prefer a top could be added underneath or even just tuck in or safety pin to your bra!

The shape of the dress is very flattering, being a full wrap there is the v wrap front and also the wrap skirt has a curve and ruffle to the hem. The front sits just above my knee and the back just below (I am 5ft 5)


The sleeves are full length with an elasticated cuff- no fiddly buttons!

The fabric is a woven type material but feels like a crepe fabric that hangs nicely.  Again it not the thickest fabric but feels good on and the style of the dress looks great!

The dress is very on trend stylish and is so versatile for all sorts of boob required occasions.  The dress in the picture has already been replaced by the new crepe fabric version which is available in 5 colours

Click here to buy Crepe Ruffle Dress


Ruffle Wrap Smudge Print Dress Petite


This wrap ruffle dress again has very easy boob access with this being a genuine full wrap dress and low v neckline.  The neckline is a flattering shape but could also be worn with a bandeau underneath if you prefer.


The dress is a full wrap dress, basically a flat dress that is wrapped around you with the tie to hold it together.  There is a dip in the hem of this dress and with the wrap at the front gives a nice split at the front without flashing too much!

I really like the double ruffle detail on this dress. On both the hem and round the neckline and then over the shoulder.  This dress is available in black or terracotta.

This dress is cute and would easily go from beach to evening, I really like this dress as it looks great for boobing at just about any time!

Click here to buy Ruffle Wrap Smudge Print Dress


Tall Sweetheart Neck Skater Dress


This dress is an ultra bargain and I couldn’t resist trying it out. It’s quite plain – literally no frills! Which is needed sometimes. It cinches in at the rib cage and is quite roomy over the middle – great for hiding mum tums! It’s got a sweetheart neckline that you can wear pulled up or off shoulder – there’s plenty of stretch in the material! This comes in handy for breastfeeding, it means you can easily pull down to feed.


As it’s a tall range this hangs to more of a midi length on my 5”6 frame. I mean this in a good way, but I think this would actually be a great dress for a funeral – appropriate colour, neckline and length. With that in mind I decided to try a boob tube with the dress to see if I could have a more discreet feed. It worked well, I pulled the band up and the dress down and was able to feed very discreetly!



However in future I would pick a non glittery bandeau as I kept finding glitter all over my toddler all day after we fed!

I would suggest sizing up in the bandeaus if you have big boobs, I could definitely have sized up a couple of sizes happily.

I think you could easily add a bit of pizzazz to this dress with some funky bright leggings or blingy accessories! It also comes in a lovely burgundy colour which would look lovely as an evening outfit with heels.

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Chiffon Cold Shoulder Dress


This red chiffon dress is a pretty asymmetric design with a spaghetti strap on the one shoulder and a chiffon drape off the other. I thought the drape might be a little annoying off the shoulder but not at all and it gives a lovely drape effect. The opposite shoulder is sleeveless with the chiffon drape.


The dress is a full wrap -one long dress that wraps around you and is tied with a chiffon tie.  The skirt and top are both fully lined so the dress hangs nicely. There is a skirt overlap at the front so no knee flash!

This dress feels elegant and is definitely suitable for occasions. I really liked this raspberry colour too, it is also available in blush and black!

Click here to buy Chiffon Cold Shoulder Dress


Cage Detail Paisley Woven Maxi Dress


I wore this beautiful boho dress to a wedding and got so many compliments!  It’s long sleeved, with a floaty skirt, side splits and very pretty detailing to the back. The button front is totally feeding friendly, they are slightly fiddly to undo as they’re elastic looped.


You can leave a few buttons undone, or do them all up, it looks nice either way. It’s lined to around knee length – which is good for warmer weather. It’s probably too thick a dress for really hot weather though.

I think this is a gorgeous occasion dress, it really is a dreamy romantic beachy outfit!


Click here to buy Cage Detail Paisley Woven Maxi Dress

Woven Shoulder Pleated Midi Bridesmaid Dress


This dress is again a full wrap dress and with a thin spaghetti type tie that goes through the fabric just under the bust to pull it all together. The wrap is fairly low and I personally really struggled to get any bra underneath this dress but a bandeau, bralette or evening braless are all other options! But it means milk access is excellent!


The dress has adjustable spaghetti straps and pretty flutter sleeves.  The pleat skirt, is single layer but looks lovely and hangs nicely too.  I am a size 8 and this size 8 fits nicely.  This dress is blue and it is a dusty sort of blue colour, it is also available in blush and black.

Click here to buy Woven Shoulder Pleated Bridesmaid Dress


Chiffon Ruffle Skater Bridesmaid Dress


This dress is made from a nice lightweight chiffon fabric.  The dress is again a full wrap with a long spaghetti tie holding it together.  The dress has a wrap front a bit higher than some of the other Boohoo dresses but still with plenty of room for bigger boobs.  There is no stretch to the fabric but the wrap can still be pulled across for breastfeeding.


The skirt section and top are both lined and I really like the ruffle cap sleeves.  The skirt wraps right across so no front leg flash!

The length is to just below the knee (I am 5ft 5) and is true to size (I am a size 8).   The dress is cut out under arm so a pale bandeau might be suitable or potentially no bra

This dress feels really pretty on, and I really like this Sky colour (also available in black or nude).   You can’t go wrong for the price for an occasion dress!

Click here to buy Chiffon Ruffle Bridesmaid Dress


Leopard Print Smock Dress


Smock dresses are everywhere and I love a bit of animal print!  This smock dress has little tucks across the back to give shape to the dress. It is buttoned the full length and the buttons are easy to fasten/unfasten, so perfect for breastfeeding!


The dress has a neat round neck and straight uncuffed sleeves. The length finishes mid thigh on my 5ft 5 and has a straight hem. This is fairly light weight fabric but at under £18 you can’t go wrong! This dress could easily be worn with trainers or styled up with heels!

Click here to buy Leopard Print Smock Dress


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