It’s that time of the year. Chocolate and roast lamb with the in-laws. Want a distraction from chocolate? Need to refocus after mind numbing conversation with immediate family? Well look no further! Here’s some of the group’s favourite finds!

The pinafore (ASOS) £15:

image3xxl image2xxl

I am LOVING this. Partially because I’ve always wanted a pinafore since I was a child and saw them in Disney movies, partially because I’ve been looking for a BF friendly alternative to skater dresses. This is DEFINITELY being purchased. Even though I definitely don’t need anymore clothes. This would make my waist look amazing though so clearly I HAVE to buy it. Clearly.


The Wrap Maxi Dress (ASOS) £38:

image1xxl-2 image2xxl-3

This has proven to be a bit of a ‘most wanted’ in the group after the blue version sold out! Boob friendly? Check! Flattering on the waistline? Check! Nicely draped over lumps and bumps? Check! This would be a great buy for a christening or special occasion. Or just to wear around the house, catching a glimpse in the mirror every so often whilst singing “I’m too sexy”. Whatever works for you!


Contrast Poplin Top (Zara) £25.99:


This top went down a storm in the group! Such a simple idea but perfect as a ‘one up, one down’ outer layer as spring approaches – even better with a button down shirt to get the collar effect. Wearing a shirt underneath provides a hiding place for the common ‘mummy tummy’ – bonus points!

Cowl Neck Cardigan (Amazon) £14.99:


This one seems to pop up regularly! A cleverly designed cardigan (coatigan?!) which provides ample fabric to keep the boobies warm for al fresco boobin’.

Currently £14.99 on Amazon!


ZANZEA Women Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Jumper Top (Amazon) £12.99:


Similar to the style above but in a less ‘outdoorsy’ fabric! Would be perfect for summer! I’ve ordered one of these and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the fabric!

Currently £12.99 on Amazon!

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