Let’s step out of the Black Friday chaos for a second and take a look at some all-year-round good value items!

polkaGlamour Empire Women’s Softly Draping Polka Dot Dress

£11.99 + £3.05 UK delivery

Flattering, stretchy, doesn’t cling. Can’t ask for more really! Very versatile and can be teamed with a crop top underneath for a bit of ‘one up, one down’ action!


KRISP® Womenkrisp Ruched Knot Front Long Sleeved Dress

Currently on sale for: £8.39  + £2.49 UK delivery

Kris knot dresses are a fixed favourite in the group. The design allows for easy feeding whilst also being very flattering on the mum tum!


rockab3/4 Sleeve Classical V Neck Audrey Hepburn Style 1940’s Rockabilly Dress

£18.90 + free delivery (spending over £20) + free returns

Those of you who want to have a retro edge to their fashion will love these dresses. If you have big boobs, you might want to take a size up to allow for boob access! Comes in nicely at the waist and hides all from there downwards!

50s50s Vintage Floral Cut Out V-Neck Party Evening Swing Dress (various patterns available)

£15.99 + £3.49 UK delivery

I have a confession to make, this isn’t a winter dress and it might ever so slightly be ripping off Lindy Bop’s designs BUT it is a good price! Teamed up with a long sleeved bolero, this will retro up any Christmas party and still be useful next summer! After all, why spend money on a dress which is only good during the festive season?

hoodieNursing Hoodie (available in different colours)

£24.95 (inc delivery) & Free Returns

These have been super popular in the group and are rapidly becoming a wardrobe staple item for the breastfeeding mother’s wardrobe. After all, who wants a freezing chest/tummy whilst doing some al-fresco feeding, right?

necklaceFox & Finn ‘Isabella’ Silicone Teething Necklace for Babies (available in different colours)

£15.99 free delivery (if spending over £20)

You can’t very well go buying loads of clothes without getting accessories to match! What’s that? Your baby likes to treat your necklaces as a feeding time toy? Sounds like you need a baby-proof teething necklace! Who says you can’t be practical AND keep your baby entertained AND look good at the same time… multi-task WIN.

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