Can I Breastfeed In… Poverty? #WBW2018

This week is World Breastfeeding Week and WABA has sent information out explaining why it is needed and the positive impact it has to both individuals and society as a whole. We tried really really hard to read it all but we are working mothers. When we are neither working, looking after children or doing […]

Are certain baby books causing depression in new parents?

Parenthood came to me relatively late in life (the reasons behind this would cover a whole separate blog or possibly a book). So, my closest friends and family fell pregnant, nurtured babies, raised children and in one case even waved their firstborn off to university before my son was born. I got to see the […]

Five tips I wish I had been given as a new mum

Recently, during one of my son’s feeds combined with an afternoon nap came across this article from the BBC with 5 tips to help your child’s mental health. And it is a lovely read, I particularly love the focus on the benefits of attachment parenting. However, there are a few things I wish I had […]

Can I Breastfeed In It Under Water?

I LOVE swimming. I adore being in or near water and hoped to have a water birth, with the image of my baby shooting out, performing a tumble turn at the pool edge and swimming back into my arms. It wasn’t to be, but I still determined to go swimming with my little one as […]

The Overthinker’s Guide to Finding The Right Childcare

We’ve already published a guide on how returning to work need not be the end of your breastfeedng journey, but many of our members have asked what to look for in childcare. The first decision is what sort of environment you are wanting your child to be in. My personal circumstances mean that I can […]

Long Haul With Little Legs

Summer is coming and for most of us it means a summer holiday and possible airline travel. This can be scary, but there are few life hacks that makes life easier for you. Firstly it isn’t as bad as you may think. In fact air travel with a younger child means you get less of […]

Mothers Are Stronger Than You Think

My husband is a huge military history buff. It is a joke that no matter where we go on holiday, even to visit my friends for a 30th birthday party, he will find a museum or a convention and I will be taking photos of tanks. I don’t mind too much (he doesn’t spend money […]

Can I Breastfeed In… Hospital?

You can breastfeed anywhere, the NHS encourage it. So why does it sometimes get ‘covered up’ in hospitals of all places?

Hello, my name is Will and I’m a breastmilk addict.

Hello everyone, my name is Will, and I am a breastmilk addict. I am 14 months old and I had my first drink when I was when I was less than an hour old. My mother made me do it, but very soon I didn’t want anthing else. And now, I need a drink to […]

Why Seeing Babies On Boobies Matters

Why is breastfeeding ‘hidden’ from the public eye? And should it be?

Can You Breastfeed In It… Whilst On The Run?

Gwen gives us a the lowdown on breastfeeding friendly sports bras!

A New Year’s Resolution that Could Save Your Baby’s Life

New Year’s Eve is often a time for reflection on the previous year’s events and also when we consider our goals for the following year. For many of us at CIBII, we have become parents in the last 12 months so it is truly amazing how our lives and aspirations have changed. Maybe your resolutions […]

Can I Breastfeed In It… At Night?

Of all my Christmas traditions from childhood, a new pair of pyjamas on Christmas Eve remains one of my favourite. It was my mother’s favourite technique to get me ready for bed without any argument that I wanted to wait up for Santa. I still enjoy getting something new and knowing I am able to wear it […]

Yes, I’m An Anxious Mother, But That Isn’t A Bad Thing

I was first diagnosed with depression and anxiety over eight years ago. Looking back I probably had the condition for many years before then, but what brought it to a head was actively trying for a baby. In short, the things that caused my mental health problems in general became a crisis when my mothering […]

Why Do I Breastfeed My Son?

Why do I do it? This is a question asked about parenthood in general, usually rhetorical and after an event involving bodily fluids at 3 o’clock in the morning. Sometimes it is asked after calls to the emergency services. But most people agree that while wanting to be a parent can be seen as a […]

Of all the designer labels, why is mother the least valued?

When I announced to my friends that I had started a fashion blog to say they were surprised was an understatement. In fact, I think some are still laughing. You see I am not a huge trend follower, actually, once something becomes a trend I usually avoid it on principle. I look for comfort and […]

Blame it on the Breastfeeding

Gwen does some breastfeeding mythbusting

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