baby 1st aid

A New Year’s Resolution that Could Save Your Baby’s Life

resolutionNew Year’s Eve is often a time for reflection on the previous year’s events and also when we consider our goals for the following year. For many of us at CIBII, we have become parents in the last 12 months so it is truly amazing how our lives and aspirations have changed. Maybe your resolutions have changed along with the arrival of your new family member.

Any resolution that is aimed at making you healthier, happier or a better person is worth making, but I’d would like to suggest one that could save a life. If your child starting choking or accidentally pulled a hot cup of tea over them how would you react? I was lucky enough to have an afternoon at school when the Red Cross taught us First Aid on Children. And while I had already learnt how to do CPR on an adults, the techniques for babies are very different. For instance it took several practice attempts to be able to do mouth to mouth correctly. I remember thinking how easy it would be to panic if I was trying to do it for the first time on a real baby.

baby 1st aid

I was surprised how many courses are available to mums and dads, run by various charities that will teach first aid for children there are even mobile phone apps. The Red Cross runs many across the UK for £45 that take a single day that look at common scenarios in children up to the age of puberty. The NCT run a baby first aid course for infants up to a year old (but is also useful for older children) which costs £20 (£10 for those on low incomes or in receipt of certain benefits). It may be worth looking to see if an organisation local to you does something similar.

If the unthinkable happened, and you weren’t there, or were yourself in need of help, would your child know what to do? In the news recently a little girl called Emma received widespread praise for calling 999 when her pregnant mother fell down the stairs. Both mother and baby are well, but if it hadn’t been for Emma’s quick thinking the outcome could have been very different. You can listen to the call here and I recommend you have some tissues handy. Emma knew what to do because the family had discussed it when her brother learnt about the emergency services at school.


The thought of anything happening to my son can be physically painful, but I am sure you’ll agree that I would rather be prepared and never need to use the skills than the alternative.

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