A big online retailer finally listened to the wishes of breastfeeders… so we asked them for a chat…

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SilkFred are known for their unique, fashionable clothing and showcasing cool brands.  They have just started promoting breastfeeding friendly clothing and we asked them about their Silky clothes and plans for the breastfeeding edit!  Also I couldn’t resist a couple of dresses they have highlighted, so see what I think below….

The Interview

Why have you started to market breastfeeding friendly clothes?

We like to listen to our customers about what they want, need or struggle with when it comes to their wardrobe and the ‘what to wear when breastfeeding’ topic always came up. Specifically, one of our customers tagged us on Instagram wearing one of our most loved wrap dresses, the Zeina Wrap in Red Ditzy, while she was breastfeeding her baby.

We absolutely loved it and immediately reshared it across our social platforms.  It received an incredible amount of positive feedback so we decided to take things to the next level and we made a whole section on the site dedicated to women being able to find BF friendly outfits that aren’t just practical, but stylish too.  We also ended up inviting this customer to come into the office for a day of pampering and to have a shoot with us, where she filmed lots of videos talking about how she styled certain SilkFred outfits while she was breastfeeding.


How do you know what breastfeeding mums are looking for?

There are quite a few mums here at SilkFred, in fact, our CEO, Emma Watkinson, recently had twin girls!  So we’re very familiar with the struggle of finding outfits that you can wear during and after pregnancy.

Are you planning on selling “breastfeeding” clothing or are you highlighting clothing from your standard collections that are breastfeeding friendly?

Along with our breastfeeding edit, we have a few breastfeeding specific brands such as Golden B and Stylish Mum, but our main goal is to focus on outfits that can be worn both during and after pregnancy. The idea is that mums can wear the exact same thing as everyone else, be able to do what they need to do and feel great about themselves while they do it.  Our BF friendly section is made up of both our standard clothes (which are suitable for BF) as well as our brands that have products designed especially with breastfeeding in mind.


What do we at CIBII think?

It is leading that a brand such as SilkFred has recognised the power of the breastfeeding community and is highlighting breastfeeding clothes.  They have included breastfeeding specific clothing but also key is the fact they have recognised we want to wear “normal” fashion.  We want to feel and look awesome without compromising our ability to nurse our little ones, it is thrilling therefore they have included lines from their standard collections.  Being the individual you are can sometimes take a back seat as a busy mum.  Having the breatfeeding friendly clothing highlighted is superb for mums who potentially have little spare time on their hands to search themselves!  Being able to easily find and choose unique styles is a terrific way to help breastfeeding mums feel like themselves, feel awesome and confident and in turn help normalise breastfeeding.


The Review

With all this in mind I really wanted to try some of the lush SilkFred clothes highlighted as breastfeeding friendly.  One of the best things about ordering these dresses is opening the parcel and the first thing you see is just unique SilkFred clothes.  A parcel of sassy, funky, cool clothes (oh, I almost forgot-that are suitable for breastfeeding).

Dancing Leopard Zeina Wrap Dress in Royal Star

I have had my eye on this dress for a while, justified with hopefully another 6 weeks of summer left (I can dream) and also looking forward to styling it ready for A/W.  I already love this cute dress.

2018-08-23 23.24.30

First things first, the wrap front is perfect for breastfeeding.  In fact the dress is a full wrap design with a long tie that is tied through the dress.  The front has a little curved front hem that is so winning.  I am a size 8 and the sizing is spot on.

The length is mini, but the right amount of mini, mini enough to be playful but long enough to not show mum cheeks every time I turn round.  (Just maybe not one for windy days!)  I am 5 ft 4 and a half (don’t forget) and the length is comfortable for me, this would look fab on those with super long legs too!  The sleeve length is to just before the elbow, am not sure I have many dresses with this length sleeve, but am really liking it!

2018-08-24 07.07.04

The material may not be a natural fabric but to be honest it feels good and sits well. This dress is just fun, fun, fun,  so many options!  The dress just makes me want to skip, can we do that as a mum?!  Hell yeah!

2018-08-24 00.09.23

This style is available in 10 different colour and print options and you really can style this dress up for date nights or it is equally at home with boots and chunky knits.  I would go as far to say that if you don’t mind a short dress, this is really a must have dress!  I am soooooo loving it.  I am seriously thinking I need another colour…..

Click here to go to Dancing Leopard Zeina Wrap Dress

2018-08-24 00.25.18

John Zack Wrap Frill Dress

I am pretty much not a frill sort of a girl, but I thought it was about time I added a frill-ing outfit to my wardrobe.  As long as the frills are in the right places I thought we’re on it.  I ordered the John Zack dress in the hope it was to be the frill dress for me.  And yep, it is.


Frills at the neck line, frills on the sleeves, frills on the skirt, fabulous.  This dress makes me feel so good, feel like not just a breastfeeding mum, but me, and that makes me feel good.  Again you forget that this is a dress highlighted as suitable for breastfeeding, this is just a stunning dress.


This dress is not a full wrap as per the Zeina dress but has a perfect v neck for boob access, and frilled at that.  Depending on your bra and boobyness it may just need an extra pin at the neckline, I am managing without but could easily add one.  The dress has a back zip so you can just slide in, it feels delicious even just putting this dress on.  There is a fitted waistline which draws the dress in at exactly the right place to be flattering.  The shape and style of this dress with its loose cross front and waistline are winning for new mum bodies, this dress would definitely boost your confidence.   I am wearing the size 8 and the sizing feels perfect.  The length of this dress is not quite mini but sits between the knee and thigh on my 5ft 4 and a half stature, a comfortable but still fresh looking length.

2018-08-23 23.32.57

This dress looks fab with killer heels but also boots or bold shoes.  Less of a playdate more of a party sort of dress.  It is available in 6 colour options, navy being my colour of choice.  I often prefer navy to black,  pairing it with electric pink or white -don’t worry absolutely no navy/white stripes here!  I adore this dress, I think this could be the start of a new love….

Click here to go to John Zack Navy Wrap Frill Dress

2018-08-24 00.36.19

The Final Word

SilkFred’s breastfeeding friendly edit includes some season favourite superb wrap dresses, cute polka dots and cool shirt dresses, from ditsy to animal prints and slinky bodysuits.

I absolutely love my dresses from their highlighted breastfeeding outfits, and am in love with the fact they are SilkFred’s usual distinct styles.  I only ask that they add more to their breastfeeding edit!  Looking through their huge range there are many more potential choices for us breastfeeding mums.  However knowing there is a designated section for such unique and stylish breastfeeding clothing, is such a positive for mums looking for nursing clothes, often with little spare time on their hands for searching themselves!

I am soooo adding this link to my Favourites………..

Click here to go to SilkFred’s Breastfeeding Edit

*this is my own unsponsored review

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