10 breastfeeding books your nurslings will LOVE

1) Milky Moments

Join the games at a birthday party, travel on the bus, play at the beach or snuggle up at bedtime. At home, in hospital or out and about, every beautifully illustrated scene tells a story about day-to-day family life and loving milky moments.
Heart-warming, enchanting and fun, with a small bear called Eric to find on every page, this is a book to treasure that children will love to explore time and again. With careful attention paid to positioning, Milky Moments also gently educates and informs about breastfeeding, whatever your age.

2) What Does Baby Want

When baby is hungry, neither his teddy bear, his ball, nor even his shiny tambourine will soothe him. This tribute to the nursing baby – and even more so, to the breastfeeding mother – will read as conventional to babies and toddlers but as taboo-busting to parents. Celebrate the natural magic of growing a baby with this simply worded, expertly illustrated, and shockingly honest shaped board book. Perfect for nursing babies, older siblings, and expectant parents.

3) Mamas Milk

Celebrating the warm and loving bond between mammal mamas and their babies, this lushly illustrated book shows little ones doing what comes naturally-nursing. A perfect choice for cuddling up with a breast-feeding child or preschoolers who wonder how new babies get fed.

4) I Like To Nurse – A Breastfed Toddler’s Story

“I Like to Nurse” beautifully portrays a three year old boy who is still breastfeeding. This story is not intended to encourage weaning. Instead, it illustrates extended nursing in a relaxed, reassuring, positive light, and gives toddlers and older children (who are still breastfeeding) a character they can relate to.

5) Mummy’s Milk is made of love

This delightful book walks a young child through the love-filled journey of natural-term breastfeeding. Designed to be read by either parent, it features touching images of some of the marvels of a mother’s milk as it nourishes both body and soul. The tender, rhyming prose adds another layer of beauty, and the combination of word and image is both stunning and stirring. Cuddle up and read this book together, and share in the love of Mummy’s Milk.

6) My Mama’s Milk

My Mama’s Milk highlights the mother and child breastfeeding relationship and explores how each mammal makes milk specifically for their babies.

7) The Best Gifts

The Best Gifts is the story of Sara and the important moments in her life. It starts with her birth and concludes when she welcomes her own baby. On each occasion, friends and family bring gifts to celebrate. In the end, though, the most cherished gifts are the ones that cannot be purchased. The first cherished gift Sara receives is her mother’s milk and the story comes full circle when she gives that same gift to her own baby.

8) Eat Baby, Healthy

Written by a pediatrician, Eat Baby, Healthy is a soft, rhyming story from a baby’s point of view that celebrates the health and emotional benefits of prenatal nutrition and breastfeeding. This is the third book in a groundbreaking series, including the bestselling Sleep Baby, Safe and Snug and Calm Baby, Gently, dedicated to sharing health guidance for parents of infants through children’s books, while promoting shared reading and togetherness.

9) The Wonders Of Mother’s Milk

Colorful and diverse images enhance this introduction to breastfeeding.

10) Mama, who drinks milk like me?

This book celebrates the idea that, as mothers, we are a part of a special community called mammals. As a member of this group, we have the ability to give our children an amazing gift through breastfeeding. No matter where you are on your breastfeeding journey, this book is meant for you. You and your child can read together about others who breastfeed, just like you. This book can even be used to gently introduce nursing children to the idea of weaning, because it emphasizes that this is a choice between the mother and child, not our societal timetable. Written by a mother who accidentally became an “extended” or “full-term” breastfeeding mama for her son, “Mama, Who Drinks Milk Like Me?” is an encouraging and affirming book from her breastfeeding family to yours!

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